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Terrorism and Homeland Security

Terrorism and Homeland Security

  • Gus Martin - California State University, Dominguez Hills, USA

July 2010 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
With an emphasis on current theories and today's political and social environment, Terrorism and Homeland Security concisely and clearly explains the multifaceted subject of terrorism and its impact on homeland security in the United States today. This versatile text grounds the discussion within a historical, legal, administrative, and intellectual framework. The book focuses on providing readers with an understanding of the central challenges, perspectives, and issues in the field through four Parts: a conceptual review of terrorism and its causes; terrorist environments, such as religious or international terrorism; the terrorist trade, including the role of the mass media; and a fourth section that discusses domestic terrorism in the United States and investigates homeland security from both theoretical and organizational perspectives.

Part I: Understanding Terrorism: A Conceptual Review
1. The Nature of the Beast: Defining Terrorism
2. The Past as Prologue: Ideological Origins and Historical Perspectives
3. Beginnings: Causes of Terrorist Violence
Part II: Terrorist Environments
4. Terror From Above: Terrorism by the State
5. Terror From Below: Terrorism by Dissidents
6. Violence in the Name of the Faith: Religious Terrorism
7. Terrorist Spillovers: International Terrorism
Part III: The Terrorist Trade
8. Tools of the Trade: Tactics and Targets of Terrorists
9. The Information Battleground: Terrorist Violence and the Role of the Media
Part IV: Homeland Security in the United States
10. Domestic Terrorism in the United States
11. Homeland Security in Perspective
12. Homeland Security Agencies and Missions
13. Civil Liberties and Securing the Homeland
Appendix A: Map Resources
Appendix B: National Intelligence Estimate: The Terrorist Threat to the US Homeland

Well layed out and addressed issues important to the terrorism issue.

Professor Randy Justus
Emergency Disaster Mgmt, College of Lake County
January 30, 2013

For UK students Patr IV is an excellent source for understanding the USA and Homeland Security. This helps to ensure their work is neither UK nor EU centric.

Dr David Lowe
School of Law, Liverpool John Moores University
June 2, 2011

An excellent book book covering most areas of Terrorisms and Homeland security.

Mr Edward Thomas
Criminology and Sociology, Middlesex University
November 12, 2010
Key features

Key Features

  • The book ddresses the topics of terrorist violence and homeland security with an international perspective, capturing the breadth of relevant concerns
  • The book offers engaging pedagogical features, including chapter introductions to help orient students; Chapter Perspectives that explore the people, events, organizations, and movements related to key topics; discussion boxes that present provocative cases such as Bloody Sunday and Black September along with challenging questions that stimulate critical thinking and classroom discussion; and more
  • The book incorporates a variety of carefully selected photos that vividly illustrate key concepts, terrorists and events; comprehensive tables with useful explanatory material; and a map atlas to provide readers with a geographic orientation to where many of the key terrorist events and activities have taken place.

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