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Text Structures From Fairy Tales

Text Structures From Fairy Tales
Truisms That Help Students Write About Abstract Concepts . . . and Live Happily Ever After, Grades 4-12

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January 2019 | 248 pages | Corwin

Standardized tests and college essay prompts demand that students produce quality analytical writing about abstract concepts. But how do you actually teach this kind of writing? Award-winning authors Gretchen Bernabei and Judi Reimer make it easy and fun. This book includes 35 engaging lessons that give students just the focused practice they need to craft effective, analytical writing for any situation. 

Centered on classic fairy tales and designed for students of all ages, each lesson includes a writing prompt accompanied by a planning framework. Students write a truism, select or create a text structure, and write a kernel essay that serves as scaffolding for a detailed rhetorical piece. With practice, students move from depending on teacher guidance to becoming autonomous analytical writers. The teacher-friendly layout and built-in flexibility of the book empower you to 

  • Use each fairy tale lesson for reading, for writing, or for both 
  • Cluster lessons around a particular literacy concept or use each as a standalone lesson 
  • Pair fairy tales thematically with other readings 
  • Customize the text structure options to meet the needs of your individual students 
  • Encourage students to create their own text structures 
  • Teach students simple ways to expand their ideas into detailed, rich essays 
  • Additional ideas for how to use the lessons, a complete collection of text structures, craft lessons on revision, and a list of conversation strategies are also included.

Put Text Structures From Fairy Tales to work in your classroom and soon your students will be writing happily ever after. 


Lessons: Student Planning Pages with Fairy Tale Texts
Structure for Writing About Life Themes
1. Beauty and the Beast

2. The Bremen Town Musicians

3. Cinderella

4. Diamonds and Toads

5. The Elves and the Shoemaker

Structures for Explaining a Concept
6. The Emperor's New Clothes

7. The Fisherman and His Wife

8. The Frog Prince

9. The Gingerbread Boy

10. The Golden Goose

Structures for Character Analysis
11. Hansel and Gretel

12. Henny Penny

13. Jack and the Beanstalk

14. The Little Red Hen

15. Little Red Riding Hood

Structures for Analyzing a Theme in Literature
16. The Nightingale

17. One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes

18. The Princess and the pea

19. Puss in Boots

20. Rapunzel

Structures for Commentary About Plot
21. Rumpelstiltskin

22. The Sleeping Beauty

23. Snow White

24. Snow White and Rose Red

25. The Three Bears

Structures for Making an Argument
26. The Three Billy Goats Gruff

27. The Three Little Pigs

28. The Three Sillies

29. Thumbelina

30. The Tinderbox

Structures for Content-Area Writing
31. Tom Thumb

32. The Twelve Dancing Princesses

33. The Ugly Duckling

34. The Wild Swans

35. The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids

i. Complete Text Structures Collections

ii. 25 More Things to do With These Lessons

iii. Blank Student Planning Page for Black Line Master

iv. Text Chunkyard

v. Get Student Writers Talking: Conversation Strategies

vi. Steps for the Truism Braid Essay

vii. Reader Rubric with Words and Faces

viii. Intensity Scale

ix. What's Better... This? Or That?

x. Ms. Kern's Final Exam Project and Timetable

xi. Craft Lessons for Revision

a. Truisms

b. Adding Details

c. Sparkling Sentences

d. 11-Minute Essays

e. Ba-da-bing!

f. Writer's Toolbox with Dead Giveaways

g. Writing Book Reports



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