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The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
What Use is Educational Assessment?

Edited by:

June 2019 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Testing and assessment have long been fixtures of American education, but researchers and policymakers continue to question the value and legitimacy of their role as instruments of evaluation and accountability. In this era of evolving education policy—fueled by abating federal involvement, the impact of the evidence movement, and progress in the science of educational measurement—discussions around assessment remain meaningful, if not imperative, to education research.    

This volume of The ANNALS examines the history of assessment and its role in modern education, focusing on the intended uses of assessment, its potential benefits, and its known and unknown risks. Considering also the ways in which teaching, learning, and cognition sciences may join with contemporary theory to shape future policy, this volume illuminates the current and anticipated states of testing and assessment as they relate to education reform, practice, and potential.

Volume Editors
The History of Assessments in American Education
Maris Vinovskis
History of Testing in the United States: PK-12 Education
Michael Nettles
History of Testing in the United States: Higher Education
Assessments for System Monitoring
Erin Fahle, Benjamin Shear, & Kenneth Shores
Assessment for Monitoring of Education Systems: The US Example
Henry Braun &. Judith Singer
Assessment for Monitoring of Education Systems: International Comparisons
Assessments for System Accountability
Susanna Loeb & Erika Nakamatsu Byun
Testing, Accountability, and School Improvement
Eric Hanushek
Testing, Accountability, and the American Economy
Assessments for Selection and Placement
Rebecca Zwick
Assessment in American Higher Education: The Role of Admissions Tests
Jennifer Frey
Assessment for Special Education: Diagnosis and Placement
Toward the Future: Theories of Knowing and Implications for Assessment
Robert Mislevy
Advances in Measurement and Cognition
Lorrie Shepard
Classroom Assessment to Support Teaching and Learning
William Penuel & Douglas Watkins
Assessment to Promote Equity and Epistemic Justice: A Use-Case of a Research-Practice Partnership in Science Education
John Behrens, Kristen DiCerbo & Peter Foltz
Assessment of Complex Performances in Digital Environments
Knut Neumann, Heike Theyßen, & Horst Schecker
Assessing Complex Patterns of Student Resources and Behavior in the Large Scale
Policy Forum
Carl Cohn and Rebecca Maynard
Forum: Do Policymakers use Educational Assessment?

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