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The Anti-Bullying Handbook

The Anti-Bullying Handbook

Second Edition

December 2010 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The Anti-Bullying Handbook is an essential source of information which provides a clear overview of what we understand about bullying.

This fully revised second edition of Keith Sullivan's very popular book is an ideal resource to increase knowledge on a difficult subject. It covers a vast range of issues with clarity and precision. It has been updated and expanded to include:

  • What we know and can do about cyber bullying
  • Using puppet theatre to teach Early Childhood and Primary Children about bullying
  • Confronting issues through using a collaborative and restorative justice techniques
  • Social Action Drama

This book is for parents, teachers, administrators, counselors, therapists, psychologists, teacher trainers and students.

Keith Sullivan is a widely published author. He is professor of Education at the National University of Ireland, Galway.


What We Know about Bullying
The Bullying Triangle and the Bullying Dynamic
Types of Bullying 1: Racist Bullying, Bullying of Special Educational Needs Children, Homophobic Bullying and Sexual Bullying
Types of Bullying 2: Cyberbullying
How to Create an Anti-Bullying Initiative
Developing a Philosophy About Bullying
Planning and Information Gathering
Creating a School Anti-Bullying Policy
Strategies for Teachers: Practice, Pedagogy and Learning
Strategies for Teachers: Understanding Social Relationships, Creating Safe Classrooms
Interactive and Experiential Strategies
Harnessing the Power of the Peer Group
The School Environment
Peer Mentoring and Peer Mediation
The Support Group Method
A Circle of Friends
The Pikas Method of Shared Concern
CPR: Collaborative Problem-solving and Resolution
Follow-up and Conclusion
Appendix 1 A School Anti-Bullying Policy
Appendix 2 Using Bullying Scenarios
Appendix 3 Ethics and Confidentiality
Appendix 4 Ice Breakers

'This book is a welcome and refreshing addition to the titles on bullying. It will be very useful for a broad audience of people concerned about the important problem of school bullying; educators will find it particularly valuable. I greatly appreciate the humanistic, constructivist perspective taken by this author, and by extension, the focus on non-punitive approaches to deal with the problem. The socio-ecological view of the problem is consistent with current "systems" understanding of this behavior. This is a practical book, filled with suggestions of a variety of sound strategies for preventing and intervening in bullying situations. The preventative strategies go beyond the typical anti-bullying programs and describe pedagogical methods to create an environment that discourages bullying. The preventive strategies include the non-punitive methods that I think do not get sufficient attention. The format of the text is quite appealing; the layout is reader-friendly, and the figures are excellent. They present the text material in a visual way that helps readers understand the relationships among concepts. I heartily recommend this book to all who would like a fresh perspective and practical, usable ideas to apply in their own settings' -
Sheri Bauman, Ph.D.

School Counseling Program

Editor, Journal for Specialists in Group Work

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ISBN: 9781849204804
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