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The Civic Culture

The Civic Culture
Political Attitudes and Democracy in Five Nations

Edited by:
  • Gabriel A. Almond - Sociology, Stanford University, USA
  • Sidney Verba - Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations and Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Civic Engagement

May 1989 | 392 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Considered a classic in the field of political science, this new edition makes its debut after twenty-five years since its first edition. Almond and Verba have presented their controversial comparative political study--conceived in the late 1950's--where they defined and analyzed the political and social attitudes that were crucial to the successes of modern democracy in England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and the United States. This book and its companion, The Civic Culture Revisited, which brings their findings up-to-date, are essential resources for professionals and advanced students in political science, international relations, comparative politics, and political sociology. "The Civic Culture is a noteworthy addition to a growing literature on the conditions of stable democratic government. . . . Both for what the book achieves and the guideposts left for the future, The Civic Culture is a contemporary classic." --Political Science Quarterly "Clearly a pioneer work in the development of a science of comparative politics. Students of comparative administration, of development politics and economics, of political theory and of political science in all of its branches will be most interested in this volume." --Administrative Science Quarterly "It is a foregone conclusion that The Civic Culture will take its place as one of the leading studies in contemporary political sociology." --New Society "This book represents an innovation in the literature of comparative politics. . . . It is a great book and it is a measure of its greatness that is raises as many queries and objectives as it produces insights and confirmations." --American Political Science Review QUOTES FOR BOTH BOOKS: "Few books in political science of the last three or four decades have had the impact and continuing power of The Civic Culture and no other authors have had the self confidence to commission such a powerful and insightful set of critiques as The Civic Culture Revisited." --Robert Putnam, Stanford Behavioral Institute "The Civic Culture (and The Civic Culture Revisited) remains the best study of comparative political culture in our time." --Aaron Wildavsky, University of California, Berkeley

An Approach to Political Culture
Patterns of Political Cognition
Feelings Toward Government and Politics
Patterns of Partnership
The Obligation to Participate
The Sense of Civic Competence
Citizen Competence and Subject Competence
Competence, Participation, and Political Allegiance
Social Relations and Civic Cooperation
Organizational Membership and Civic Competence
Political Socialization and Civic Competence
Profiles of Nations and Groups
The Civic Culture and Democratic Stability

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ISBN: 9780803935587