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The Common Core Mathematics Companion: The Standards Decoded, High School

The Common Core Mathematics Companion: The Standards Decoded, High School
What They Say, What They Mean, How to Teach Them

Series Creator: Jim Burke, Mathematics Series Creator: Linda M. Gojak, NCTM Stock Number 15557

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September 2017 | 504 pages | Corwin

Your User’s Guide to the Mathematics Standards

When it comes to mathematics, standards aligned is achievement aligned…

In the short time since The Common Core Mathematics Companions for grades K–2, 3–5 and 6–8 burst on the scene, they have been lauded as the best resources for making critical mathematics ideas easy to teach. With this brand-new volume, high school mathematics success is at your fingertips.

Page by page, the authors lay out the pieces of an in-depth explanation, including

  • The mathematical progression of each conceptual category, starting with modeling as a unifying theme, and moving through number & quantity, algebra, functions, geometry, and statistics and probability, building from the 8th grade standards
  • The mathematics embedded in each conceptual category for a deeper understanding of the content
  • How standards connect within and across domains, and to previous grade standards, so teachers can better appreciate how they relate
  • How standards connect with the standards for mathematical practice, with a focus on modeling as a unifying theme
  • Example tasks, progressions of tasks, and descriptions of what teachers and students should be doing to foster deep learning

The Common Core Mathematics Companion: The Standards Decoded,  High School has what every high school teacher needs to provide students with the foundation for the concepts and skills they will be expected to know .

Letter to High School Mathematics Teachers
Letter to High School Principals
A Brief History of the Common Core

The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

Instructional Shifts

Major Work of High School

Common Core Word Wall

The Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice

Effective Teaching Practices

How to Use This Book

Reflection Questions

1. Modeling
Conceptual Category Overview

Sample Unit Planning Page

Reflection Questions: Modeling

2. Number and Quantity
Conceptual Category Overview

Suggested Materials

Number and Quantity - Overarching Key Vocabulary

Domain: The Real Number System (N.RN)

Domain: Quantities (N.Q)

Domain: The Complex Number System (N.CN)

Domain: Vector & Matrix Quantities

3. Algebra
Conceptual Category Overview

Suggested Materials

Algebra - Overarching Key Vocabulary

Domain: Seeing Structure in Expressions (A.SSE)

Domain: Arithmetic with Polynomials and Rational Expressions (A.APR)

Domain: Arithmetic Creating Equations (A.CED)

Domain: Reasoning with Equations and Inequalities (A.REI)

4. Functions
Conceptual Category Overview

Suggested Materials

Functions - Overarching Key Vocabulary

Domain: Interpreting Functions (F.IF)

Domain: Building Functions (F.BF)

Domain: Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Models (F.LE)

Domain: Trigonometric Functions (F.TF)

5. Geometry
Conceptual Category Overview

Suggested Materials

Geometry - Overarching Key Vocabulary

Domain: Congruence (G.CO)

Domain: Similarity, Right Traingles, and Trigonometry (G.SRT)

Domain: Circles (G.C)

Domain: Expressing Geometric Properties with Equations (G.GPE)

Domain: Geometric Measurement and Dimension (G.GMD)

Domain: Modeling with Geometry (G.MG)

6. Statistics and Probability
Conceptual Category Overview

Suggested Materials

Statistics and Probability - Overarching Key Vocabulary

Domain: Interpreting Categorical and Quantitative Data (S.ID)

Domain: Making Inferences and Justifying Conclusions (S.IC)

Domain: Conditional Probability and the Rules of Probability (S.CP)

Domain: Using Probability to make Decisions (S.MD)

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