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The Complete Handbook of Coaching

The Complete Handbook of Coaching

Third Edition
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September 2018 | 616 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book  provides a wide-ranging guide to the complex, multidisciplinary area of coaching, helping trainees to find comprehensive answers to their coaching questions. It allows them to identify and develop their own personal style of coaching.

A specially selected group of international authors contribute various expertise and insights across three key areas:

  • Theoretical perspectives
  • Contexts and genres of coaching
  • Professional practice Issues

Learning is also supported by new online resources. Videos, case studies, journal articles, and useful websites have been carefully collated by our contributors to help trainees make the crucial link between theory and practice.


Tatiana Bachkirova, Elaine Cox and David Clutterbuck
Section One - Theoretical Perspectives
Graham Lee
1. The Psychodynamic approach to coaching
Helen Williams, Stephen Palmer and Nick Edgerton
2. Cognitive-behavioural coaching
Anthony M. Grant and Michael J. Cavanagh
3. The Solution-focused approach to coaching
Stephen Joseph
4. The Person-centred approach to coaching
Peter Bluckert
5. The Gestalt approach to coaching
Ernesto Spinelli
6. Existential coaching
Alan Sieler
7. Ontological coaching
David Drake
8. Narrative coaching
Tatiana Bachkirova
9. Psychological Development in adulthood & coaching
John Rowan
10. The transpersonal approach to coaching
Ilona Boniwell and Carol Kauffman
11. The positive psychology approach to coaching
Rosemary Napper and Trudi Newton
12. Transactional Analysis and coaching
Bruce Grimley
13. The NLP approach to coaching
Section Two – Contexts and Genres
Bob Tschannen-Moran
14. Skills and Performance Coaching
Peter Jackson and Elaine Cox
15. Developmental Coaching
Nick Smith and Peter Hawkins
16. Transformational Coaching
Jon Stokes and Richard Jolly
17. Executive and Leadership Coaching
Andrea D. Ellinger, Rona S. Beattie and Robert G. Hamlin
18. The Manager as Coach
David Clutterbuck
19. Team Coaching
Katharine St John Brooks
20. Internal Coaching
Richard K Ladyshewsky
21. Peer Coaching
Anthony M. Grant and Michael J. Cavanagh
22. Life Coaching
Margaret Moore and Erica Jackson
23. Health and Wellness Coaching
Bruce Hazen and Nicole A. Steckler
24. Career Coaching
Geoffrey Abbott
25. Cross Cultural Coaching: a Paradoxical Perspective
Bob Garvey
26. Mentoring in a Coaching World
Section Three – Professional Practice Issues
David Lane, Reinhard Stelter and Sunny Stout Rostron
27. The Future of Coaching as a Profession
Peter Hawkins
28. Coaching Supervision
Michael J. Cavanagh and Andrew Buckley
29. Coaching and Mental Health
Judie Gannon and Adrian Myers
30.Coach education, training and development
Almuth McDowall and Yi-ling Lai
31. Evidence, measurement and evaluation in coaching
Diane Brennan and Leni Wildflower
32. Ethics in Coaching
Annette Fillery-Travis and Elaine Cox
33. Researching Coaching
Tatiana Bachkirova, Elaine Cox and David Clutterbuck

This book, with its comprehensive approach, rich insights, and diverse perspectives, is an ideal jumping off point for coaches who want to thrive

David Peterson
Director, Executive Coaching and Leader Development, Google Inc

The breadth of coverage of theoretical approaches and application contexts makes this essential ready for students studying coaching.

Ms Shara Lochun
School of Human Sciences, London Metropolitan University
September 18, 2019

The twice yearly course (AET) we deliver is to students seeking to become qualified and then practicing mainly coaching activities, thus this book being a must to be on the table to refer to, read out sections and to lend as they progress through their studies.
A few of our candidates move on to Level 5 programmes where this text really comes into its own in supporting and informing their studies and shaping their thinking too.
I am also a volunteer coach for British Canoeing qualifications and awards, this is great reading for me to keep me alive to this great and rewarding world of coaching.

Mr Donald Moyse
Command Training, Sussex Police
April 8, 2019

The practice of coaching has developed considerably over the last several decades. This book provides a well strucured, easily accessible view of the myriad of ways in which coaching can be carried out and applied. Given the frequency with which the term coaching is used in a variety of situations it is important to have a book that illustrates its complexity.

Dr Kristen Snyder
Quality Management, Mid Sweden University
November 15, 2018

A great book for anyone interested in pursuing this topic in depth.
I strongly recommended

Ms Marilia Angove
Glamorgan Business School, University of South Wales (Glamorgan)
June 4, 2019

This is a useful addition to texts on counselling and psychotherapy that form the basis of counselling courses.

Mr Clive Carswell
Counselling, British School of Osteopathy
May 22, 2019

the book sets out the coaching model for practice educators and how to use it with students to support their learning

Ms Marie Hatton
Children & Families, Telford And Wrekin Student Academy
November 16, 2018

This is an accessible text which provides informed summaries of various approaches to coaching and a wealth of online resources - helpful to both practitioners and academic readers.

Helen Goodall
Faculty of Education & Social Sciences, University of St Mark And St John
October 24, 2018

Our library already has the 2nd edition in stock which is included in the course/module reading list. This 3rd edition has some valuable additions such as chapter 31 (Evidence, Measurement and Evaluation in Coaching), which I found interesting. The Handbook covers a wide range of coaching topics and comes with practical examples and case studies to develop your coaching style. Highly recommended!

Dr Mahmoud Emira
Institute for Education, Bath Spa University
November 16, 2018

The complete handbook of Coaching is really complete and suitable as background information and toolbox for the individual coach. It is also advisable for coaches in training. They can fully immerse themselves in the different methodologies and the underlying psychological currents. With this book they can adapt their coaching to the client's request and their own preferred style of working.

Mr George Van Elst
HRM & Psychology, Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Eindhoven)
November 13, 2018

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