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The Dynamics of Resilient Families

The Dynamics of Resilient Families

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Volume: 4

June 1999 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Dynamics of Resilient Families is devoted specifically to qualitative family research. Encompassing a wide variety of topics, this book focuses on the resilient adaptation and creation of meaning for families facing health-related crises as well as families' adjustments to unexpected life events and major changes. The fourth volume in the Resiliency in Families series, this book represents a diversity of approaches for collecting and analyzing qualitative data. The use of qualitative methods allows novel themes to emerge about central issues in family studies. A unique aspect of these qualitative chapters is that the researchers did not intend to study family resiliency. Instead, they set out to study families in crisis and family processes, and the resilient and growth-producing meaning of these events to families emerged as central themes. Qualitative research can add to the understanding of why families are resilient and how they are able to embrace family crises as manageable rather than insurmountable challenges. The use of qualitative methods in the study of families presents a unique opportunity for scholars to question and expand their understanding of family resiliency. Social workers, clinical practitioners, and scholars in ethnic studies, family studies, nursing, public health, sociology, counseling, and health psychology will find The Dynamics of Resilient Families a valuable resource.

Kerry J Daly
Crisis of Genealogy
Facing the Challenge of Infertility  
Jane F Gilgun
Mapping Resilience as Process among Adults with Childhood Adversities
Katherine R Allen
Reflexivity in Qualitative Analysis
Toward an Understanding of Resiliency among Older Parents with Adult Gay Children  
Catherine A Chesla
Becoming Resilient
Skill Development in Couples Living with Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes  
Elizabeth A Thompson
Resiliency in Families with a Member Facing AIDS
Ann W Garwick et al
Variations in Families' Explanations of Childhood Chronic Conditions
A Cross-Cultural Perspective  
Helen J Mederer
Surviving the Demise of a Way of Life
Stress and Resilience in Northeastern Commercial Fishing Families  
Barbara J Golby and Inge Bretherton
Resilience in Postdivorce Mother-Child Relationships

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