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The Enduring Democracy

The Enduring Democracy

Seventh Edition

January 2023 | 328 pages | CQ Press
The Enduring Democracy examines the current state of American politics through the lenses of American history and the nation’s changing demographics. This approach encourages students to place current issues and controversies into historical perspective, and to think critically about how those issues and controversies are impacted by America’s increasingly diverse population. By analyzing and understanding the influences of historical context and demographics, students can debate effectively with references, use historical outcomes to predict for the future, and create strong arguments based on what they know about fundamental changes in the political landscape.

The highly anticipated Seventh Edition frames the 2022 midterm elections from the perspective of what they mean to college students, so that they can see the relevance of American government in their daily lives.

Chapter 1 Introduction to The Enduring Democracy
Chapter 2 The Founding and the Constitution
Chapter 3 Federalism
Chapter 4 Civil Liberties
Chapter 5 Civil Rights, Equality, and Social Movements
Chapter 6 Congress
Chapter 7 The Presidency
Chapter 8 The Federal Bureaucracy
Chapter 9 The Judiciary
Chapter 10 Public Opinion
Chapter 11 Interest Groups
Chapter 12 The Media and American Politics
Chapter 13 Political Parties and Voting
Chapter 14 Campaigns and Elections
Chapter 15 American Public Policy
Key features
  • New 15-chapter organization better accommodates the length of a typical semester. Domestic and foreign policy chapters have been combined for succinct, well-rounded coverage of policy concepts. 

  • Coverage of the 2022 midterm election provides students with a current snapshot of the election landscape and an overview of the battle for Congress and the presidency. 


  • Then and Now boxes help students to understand that debates and events being played out in American politics today have occurred before in different forms—and that our government endures. 

  • Debates over Diversity sections offer examples and illustrations of how America’s changing demographics and increased diversity change the American political landscape. Students are also given opportunity to consider these debates, and then reflect on how society should most effectively address the challenges and opportunities presented by our diversity.

  • From Your Perspective discussions focus on both how political decisions impact college students and on how student engagement in politics can make a difference.

  • Critical Thinking questions at the end of every thematic box help students think about the material in new and interesting ways and spark classroom discussion. 

  • Learning Objectives open each chapter and serve as a road map to the key concepts and major sections students will find within the chapter, helping them focus on the most important points and assess their reading comprehension. 

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