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The Global Challenge

The Global Challenge
International Human Resource Management

Third Edition

March 2016 | 530 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Formerly published by Chicago Business Press, now published by Sage

Since strategy, organizational capabilities, and people management are increasingly intertwined in multinational firms The Global Challenge takes a general management perspective on the issues associated with international human resources. Each chapter in this book is a stand-alone guide to a particular aspect of international human resource management (HRM) – from the history and overview of international human resource management in the first chapter to the functional implications for human resource professionals in the last, from building multinational coordination to managing the human side of cross-border acquisitions.

The authors build on the traditional agenda of international human resource management—how to respond to cultural and institutional differences, manage cross-border mobility, and develop global leaders. This new edition contains the latest advances from research and practice.

Chapter 1: The Challenges of International Human Resource Management
Chapter 2: Becoming Locally Responsive
Chapter 3: Achiving Global Integration
Chapter 4: Structuring Coordination
Chapter 5: Contructing Social Achitecture
Chapter 6: Acquiring Global Talent
Chapter 7: Global Performance Management
Chapter 8: Developing Global Leaders
Chapter 9: Steering Global Mobility
Chapter 10: Facilitating Change in Mutinational Organizations
Chapter 11: Managing Knowledge and Innovation across Borders
Chapter 12: Forging Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions
Chapter 13: Managing Alliances and Joint Ventures
Chapter 14: Transforming the Global Human Resource Role


The textbook covers all essential parts of the course and creates a good foundation for our students' learning and larning support.

Dr Richard Nakamura
Department of Business Administration, University of Gothenburg
September 28, 2023
Key features
  • Offers a bold, interdisciplinary approach to the field of global HRM management.
  • Combines the leading edge of practice with the state of the art in theory, building on research in strategy, international management, organizational theory, and cross-cultural management, among other domains.
  • Teaches how to respond to cultural and institutional differences, manage crossborder mobility, and develop global leaders.
  • Addresses the increasingly critical people challenges of coordination, talent and knowledge management, and the underlying dynamics of change.
  • Opens each chapter with a relevant case study on a well-known global entity with ongoing commentary throughout the chapter.
  • Chapter feature boxes offer in-depth commentary, new research perspectives, and interesting real-life examples and illustrations.
  • Takeaways summarize key points for students at the end of each chapter.

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