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The Handbook of Social Justice in Psychological Therapies

The Handbook of Social Justice in Psychological Therapies
Power, Politics, Change

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November 2023 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Are you looking for a psychological therapy textbook with social justice at its centre? Just can't seem to find a comprehensive textbook that aligns with your attitudes toward positive changes in psychological professions?

This three-part book sets out the core principles for social justice in the psychological therapies. In Part 1 you'll be introduced to Social Justice Theory in the psychological therapies, covering identity and intersectionality and integrating the psychological and socio-political.

In Part 2, you can expand on your knowledge with Social Justice informed therapeutic practice, which looks at the ways in which social class, race, disability, and other minoritised identities can inform therapeutic practice.

In Part 3, you will look Beyond the therapy room, and explore how to apply your social justice knowledge to clinical supervision, community psychology and other non-traditional therapeutic models.

Supported by a wealth of features including reflective and critical thinking questions, case studies, and recommended further reading resources, this book will help equip you with the knowledge, skills and attitude to work as a more socially conscientious practitioner.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Social Justice in the Psychological Therapies
Chapter 2: Engaging with Minoritised and Racialised Communities ‘Inside the Sentence
Chapter 3: Identity and Intersectionality
Chapter 4: The Individual in Context
Chapter 5: Integrating the Psychological and the Socio-Political: A Directional Framework
Chapter 6: Core Principles for Social Justice Informed Therapeutic work
Chapter 7: Social Justice Informed Therapy and Racially Minoritised Individuals
Chapter 8: Social Justice Informed Therapy and Social Class
Chapter 9: Social Justice Informed Therapy and Visible and Invisible disabilities
Chapter 10: Social Justice Informed Therapy and Neurodiversity
Chapter 11: Social Justice Informed Therapy and Gender
Chapter 12: Social Justice Informed Therapy and Sexuality
Chapter 13: Social Justice Informed Therapy with Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Chapter 14: Therapy in the Shadow of the Climate and Environmental crisis
Chapter 15: Advocacy and Working with Individual Clients Beyond Traditional Therapy Models
Chapter 16: Social Justice in Clinical Supervision
Chapter 17: Critical Community PSYCHOLOGY & PARTICIPATORY Action Research
Chapter 18: Influencing Policy and Socio-Political Change

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