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The Muslim, State and Mind

The Muslim, State and Mind
Psychology in Times of Islamophobia

First Edition

January 2023 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Mental health is positioned as the cure-all for society’s discontents, from pandemics to terrorism. But psychology and psychiatry are not apolitical, and neither are Muslims. This book unpacks where the politics of the psy-disciplines and the politics of Muslims overlaps, demonstrating how psychological theories and practices serve State interests and perpetuate inequality—especially racism and Islamophobia. Viewing the psy-disciplines from the margins, this book illustrates how these necessarily serve the State in the production of loyal, low-risk and productive citizens, offering a modern discussion of three paradigms underlying the psy-disciplines: neoliberalism, security and the politics of mental health.

Tarek Younis is Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Middlesex University. 

Chapter 1: Introduction: Friendly Ears
Chapter 2: Islamophobia And The Problem Of Muslim Thought
Chapter 3: Politics And Psychology: The Only Revolution Is Within
Chapter 4: The Politics Of Muslim Mental Health: Legitimacy Through Suffering
Chapter 5:. Security And Extremism: Securing The Muslim Mind
Chapter 6: Neoliberalism And Austerity: Bolstering The Muslim Mind
Chapter 7: Conclusion: The Decolonial Somewhere Between Justice And Peace

Edward Said wrote that the problematisation of Islam by the Western order began with the Crusades and has never gone away.  Infused with the spirit of enquiry of Franz Fanon, this a penetrating and resonant account of how the Western state seeks to pin down and fix the Muslim mind on security grounds. Tarek highlights the ethically dubious role being played by mental health professionals, supposedly apolitical and neutral, in this endeavour- contributing to a climate of deteriorating civil liberties. Essential reading!

Derek Summerfield
London's Institute of Psychiatry

Much has been said about the injurious impact of Islamophobia. But there is something amiss in the repetition of studies. Tarek Younis gives us a powerful explanation by approaching racial violence indirectly through a multifaceted reading of the interlocking relationships between security, psychology, and neo-liberalism. He not only persuasively demonstrates the ‘neutral’ masks contemporary racism puts on, but how it’s integral to the very workings of the modern security state. This is one of the most important books to come out on Islamophobia in years.

Dr Sahar Ghumkhor
University of Melbourne

Dr Tarek Younis takes the discussion of Islamophobia beyond discrimination, by critically reflecting on how the psy-disciplines are influenced by modern ideologies and exist within the state apparatus, and how this affects Muslims. An insightful analysis written in a clear and accessible style.

Dr. Jeyda Hammad
University of East London

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Introduction: The Friendly Ears

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