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The Other Teachers

The Other Teachers
A Guide to Psychological Safety Among Educators

September 2024 | 200 pages | Corwin

Sometimes the hardest thing about teaching isn't the students—it's the other teachers

Even educators who love what they do may find that their colleagues add stress to their already demanding jobs. Workplace bullying, cliques, fear-based leadership, and collective burnout are just some of the workplace dynamics that can make our jobs harder and diminish our ability to support students.

Psychological safety is the belief that you will not be humiliated, punished, or retaliated against for asking questions, expressing concerns, or trying new strategies—and it is essential for building teacher self and collective efficacy. The Other Teachers provides strategies to nurture psychologically safe relationships at work and create a more inclusive, supportive environment for all. Inside, you'll find:

  • Strategies, tools, and reflection questions to help you identify the challenges at your school
  • Eye-opening stories based on the experiences of real educators in a variety of roles and settings
  • The stages of psychological safety and insights into the ways our relationships, teams, and school cultures can foster belonging and trust
  • Research supporting the need for psychologically safe workplaces—not just for our benefit, but for our students’

How we treat one another at work impacts our well-being as well as our career satisfaction and performance. Whether you work in a school with a toxic workplace culture or one that is highly supportive, all schools can benefit from intentionally cultivating psychological safety among staff.

Chapter 1 Creating Psychologically Safe Schools
Chapter 2 Burnout, Trauma, and Care
Chapter 3 Trust and Fear
Chapter 4 Inclusion Safety
Chapter 5 Learner Safety
Chapter 6 Contributor Safety
Chapter 7 Challenger Safety
Chapter 8 Taking Action

"This book positively teems with care for all people in the educational field—from first-year teachers to veteran teachers, custodial staff to principals, paraprofessionals to department chairs—everyone is addressed with a deliberate level of care and the assumption that all parties are professionals who truly want what is best for their colleagues, their communities, and their students."

High School Social Science Teacher

“Given the current educational landscape, where many educators are struggling with burnout and psychologically unsafe schools, the insights and strategies presented in this book hold significant value. Its practical guidance and emphasis on creating a psychologically safe school align with the collective aspirations of educators seeking not only success in their classrooms, but also a fulfilling and sustainable career in education.”

Meghan Love, MEd
ESOL Teacher

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