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The Penalty of Death

The Penalty of Death

March 1980 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
One of the founders of the field of criminology sums up a lifetime of work on the issue of capital punishment. He shows the fallacy of the arguments for the deterrent and retributive value of the death penalty. He argues cogently and passionately for the body of evidence showing that 'abolitionist' states suffer no more capital crime than 'retentionist' ones, and that retribution is neither swift, certain nor equitable.

`This is an impressive book by an established American criminologist...A short review cannot do justice to the careful argument, backed up by detailed evidence, which is contained here. The book is readable and clear, and anyone interested in the subject should certainly refer to it.' -- Bramshill Journal, Vol 1 No 3, July 1982

`...this book will almost certainly become a standard reference work for criminologists and laymen interested in the "ultimate" punishment.' -- International Social Science Review, Spring 1983

`In the unlikely event that there is any doubt that Thorsten Sellin is the foremost scholar of capital punishment that the world has ever known, that doubt will be eliminated by perusal of his latest work. In this fact-packed little volume, more questions on penalties for murder are answered than other writings even ask' -- Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences

`This book must be considered among the finest available dealing with the death penalty' -- Criminal Justice History

Foreword by Franklin E. Zimring
Chapter 1. The Divine Command: Death to the Wicked
Chapter 2. Retribution: Success or Failure?
Chapter 3. Unequal Justice
Chapter 4. The Risk Factor
Chapter 5. On General Deterrence
Chapter 6. The Police and the Death Penalty
Chapter 7. The Recidivism of Capital Murderers
Chapter 8. A Matter of Rates
Chapter 9. Experimenting with Death
Chapter 10. The Twentieth Century

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ISBN: 9780803914537