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The Population of the UK

The Population of the UK

Second Edition

November 2012 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This new edition of The Population of the UK explains how geography - in the widest sense - makes a difference to life outcomes. Fully revised and updated, and now printed in four color, the text explains differences in key socio-economic variables - like education, health, and work - that map the UK's inequalities and affect everyone's lives.

Written for undergraduate students in all social science disciplines, this unique text presents a social geography and landscape of the UK which is distinctive in three ways:

  • It contains over 100 maps which show a social landscape and are drawn in size in proportion to the numbers of people being depicted, so representing the human geography of the UK.
  • It visualizes quantitative evidence. The latest statistics from numerous sources reveal the many aspects of the underlying geographical structure of society in the UK.
  • It relates geographies of identity to geographies of inequality, mortality, work and settlement to show how the UK fits in to a global picture of human geography.

Highly visual – with maps and figures on every page, using the most up to date cartographic techniques – organized in short thematic chapters, The Population of the UK explains the nuts and bolts of UK population in comparative context.

Fully revised and expanded, in four-color and in a large format, The Population of the UK includes 100 figures and a fully functioning web-site with PowerPoint slides; as well as practical exercises, and clear summaries in tables and specially drawn maps.

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Excellent information from a scholar in the vanguard of current social research. Vital for undergraduates and post-graduates on a range of social science and humanities courses. Good tool for teachers too.

Mr Michael Mahadeo
Dept of Sociology & Appl'd Soc Studies, Ulster University
June 27, 2013

This was a well written text that is useful for a range of contexts and courses. It will serve the MSc mMental health and Education cohort very well.

Mr Hugh Smith
Education (Ayr), University of the West of Scotland
May 15, 2013

I have recommended this book to my HNC Sociology for Health students. It is clearly written with quirky graphics and provides a comprehensive picture of social inequalities in modern Britain

Mrs Lucy Huby
Dept of Care and Social Sciences, Moray College
April 10, 2013

It is a shame that some of the figures date back to 1999. However the maps are presented in a readable and easy to understand manner. The related website and power point slides are also very useful.

Mrs Kathryn Nethercott
Department of Education, Bedfordshire University
March 13, 2013

A very useful guide to contemporary UK sociology which is accessible to undergraduates and tutors alike. 1st years will love this too as it brings the issues to light very well.

Mr Michael Mahadeo
Dept of Sociology & Appl'd Soc Studies, Ulster University
March 13, 2013

An exception book - as always by this author. I have highly recommended this to my dissertation students as a vital piece of background knowledge on the UK population generally. It also gives essential information in respect of specific areas in the country, which the students have found invaluable

Mrs Fiona Porter
Dept of Social Sciences & Humanities, Bradford University
March 13, 2013

A good guide to the UK through a statistical 'journey' - a very useful resource to get students thinking about how we measure and use data to explain populations.

Dr Gareth Norris
Department of Law, Aberystwyth University
February 4, 2013

This is the best book I have read so far that provides the most recent account of the population of the UK. The style is very informative and illustrates the rich tapestry of nationalities that make up the UK population. Also the importance of how populations travel is a vital backdrop to the notion of who is living where. Each chapter can be read as a seperate resource. I have recommended it to my community and public health colleagues.

Dr John Struthers
Nursing , DHSS Education and training Centre
January 17, 2013

Highly accessible information rich.

Dr Elaine Genders
Faculty of Laws, University College London
December 20, 2012

Accessible and very interesting - of good use to students of the social sciences.

Dr Christine Corcoran
Faculty of Social Science, The Open University
November 22, 2012

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