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The PR Campaigns Worktext

The PR Campaigns Worktext

August 2020 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Why just read about creating a PR campaign when you can actually create a campaign yourself as you learn? 

By combining coverage of fundamental PR campaign concepts with the classic design of a workbook, The PR Campaigns Worktext by Maria Elles Scott walks students through building their own PR campaigns. Unlike other campaigns texts, this worktext presents concepts, applications, and examples in campaign building; Scott then ask students to complete worksheets with focused tasks so students have all the tools and direction to create and customize their specific campaign. This approach helps students think about their client’s needs, and guides students through building the campaign part by part. In combining the readings with prompts to complete worksheets, this book will serve as a student’s trusted resource as they take their first steps into the world of PR. 

PR Campaigns Checklist
About the Author
Chapter 1: Getting Started


Worksheet 1A: PR Campaign Basics

Worksheet 1B: Teammates

Chapter 2: Client Meeting Questions & Notes
Working with Real Clients

Worksheet 2A: Client Meeting

Worksheet 2B: Ethical Standards

Chapter 3: Defining the Project
Writing the Issue and Goal Statements

Worksheet 3A: Writing the Issue and Goal Statements

Worksheet 3B: Application of Theories

Chapter 4: Defining the Target Audience
Who Is Your Audience

Worksheet 4A: Target Audience

Chapter 5: Creating a Research Plan
Everything Starts With a Plan

Worksheet 5A: Checklist for Research Plan

Chapter 6: Research for the Client
Starting With Secondary Research

Worksheet 6A: Creating a Research Topic Tree

Worksheet 6B: Organizing Topics and Articles

Worksheet 6C: Assigning Writing Responsibilities and Next Steps

Chapter 7: Primary Research for the Client
Determining the Tool and the Information to Gather

Worksheet 7A: Picking Your Questions

Worksheet 7B: Brainstorming Questions

Worksheet 7C: Identification of Subjects and Beta Testers

Worksheet 7D: Drawing Some Charts and Infographic Ideas

Chapter 8: Outlining Your Situation Analysis
Situation Analysis First

SWOT Analysis Second

Worksheet 8A: Write Your Own Situation Analysis

Worksheet 8B: SWOT Analysis for Your Client

Chapter 9: Writing the PR Campaign Plan
Writing Is Key

Worksheet 9A: Create Your Own Table of Contents

Worksheet 9B: Create a Workflow and Timeline for Writing the Plan

Chapter 10: Creating Tactics from Research and Analysis
Synthesizing Research Into a Strategy

Worksheet 10A: Creating Strategies for Your Objectives

Worksheet 10B: Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

Worksheet 10C: Brainstorm of Social Media Content

Chapter 11: Evaluation and Measurements
Why Evaluate? When, How and with What Measurements?

Worksheet 11A: Developing Proper Evaluations for a Campaign

Worksheet 11B: Creating Scales that Are Adjustable but Fair

Chapter 12: Recommendations
What Does That Mean?

Worksheet 12A: Developing a List of Recommendations

Chapter 13: Presenting to the Client
Final Client Presentations

Worksheet 13A: Creating a Basic Outline for Your Presentation

Glossary of Terms

“It includes the worksheets to help the students think through the items for their clients/campaign. This book defines a public relations campaign, then explains how to conduct one from start to finish in plain English.”

Michelle Groover, Ph.D.
Georgia Southern University

“The worksheets are incredibly useful. They will help students apply what they are reading."

Jamie Ward
Eastern Michigan University

“I have not come across such a practical text for campaign creation that also includes the necessary academic components as well.

Victoria Brodie
California Baptist University

“This textbook covers the basics of campaign planning and provides worksheets for every step of the process.”

Robert Pritchard
University of Oklahoma

“It lays out the step by step process in a workbook fashion.”

“A hands-on guide for developing a communications campaign plan.”

Hazel J. Cole, Ph.D.
University of West Georgia

This is a practice-oriented text, great at guiding students to work through a campaign in easily-navigable worksheets.”

“It is distinct as it adds workable and practice-oriented exercises for students.”

Dr. Arshia Anwer
Manhattan College

A campaign guidebook”

“A step-by-step manual”

Xu Song
Stockton University

“This book guides students to create a meaningful and effective PR campaign starts with planning and ends with a strategy that is well- executed, on brand, on time, on budget."

Carol Osborne
Univ. of So. Florida/Zimmerman Advertising Program

“This is the applied text you've been looking for. It makes group work fun and makes group members accountable to one another.”

Shannon B. Campbell
Metropolitan State University of Denver

“This text would be a welcome "step by step" guide for students in campaign planning.”

“That it is user-friendly and students would benefit from the workbook style.”

Lisa Du Bois Low
College of Media & Communication, Texas Tech University
Key features


  • Brief, straightforward coverage of how to prepare for client meetings, build trust, and deliver exciting, innovative campaigns
  • Worksheets at the end of each chapter guide students through creatively and thoughtfully developing the crucial parts of a campaign
  • Empowers students to build confidence and prepare for their first client meetings from the start by covering the fundamentals of campaigns and asking students to define their goals
  • Organized for quick reference and step-by-step instruction 
  • Examples of a real student-built client campaign in the appendix give students models to refer to as they build their own campaigns

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