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The Primary Drama Handbook

The Primary Drama Handbook

February 2009 | 168 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book helps professionals understand the importance and potential of drama for learning and offers step-by-step practical examples of how drama can work in schools across a range of curriculum subjects. Drama motivates children and is a powerful way of building skills such as speaking and listening, enhancing children's self-esteem, and connecting learning creatively across the curriculum. The book presents information, advice, and a range of practical material that helps to explain drama skills and strategies at an introductory level. It also contains a sample drama unit for each year group.

This book covers a wealth of topics, including: 
  • What do we mean by drama? - Playing, players, and plays 
  • Where is drama in the curriculum? 
  • Why is drama important? 
  • Where and when can drama happen in schools? 
  • What is the role of the adult? 
  • How can we start drama? 
  • Agreeing a Drama Contract 
  • Introducing some basic drama strategies
  • How to plan a drama lesson 
  • What happens if…. A section that gives short answers to common questions asked by those who are new to working with classes of children doing drama
The book is ideal for new teachers and teaching assistants, as well as those more experienced educators who are not yet confident using drama techniques and whole class drama.

Drama in Schools - Some Basic Questions Answered
Drama and the Curriculum
Drama Publications
A Time and Place for Drama
Planning "Whole Class" Drama
A Glossary of Drama Strategies and Conventions
The Drama Units
Unit 1: Visiting Storyland: Reception and Year 1

Unit 2: Billy's Bucket: Year 1

Unit 3: The Great Fire of London: Year 2

Unit 4: The Drums of Noto Hanto: Year 3

Unit 5: Environmental Sustainability: Year 4

Unit 6:The Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun: Years 4 and 5

Unit 7: Leaving Home: Years 5 and 6

Unit 8: The Listeners: Year 6


'This Primary Drama Handbook offers much more than just a few useful tips on how to use drama in the primary school. It moves way beyond the more well-known basic drama strategies to present comprehensive, up-to-date picture of the role drama can play within the primary curriculum' - English Drama Media

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ISBN: 9781412929653
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