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The Principal's Guide to School Budgeting

The Principal's Guide to School Budgeting

Third Edition
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December 2017 | 352 pages | Corwin
Create winning budgets aligned with today’s fiscal and academic realities

Developing budgets that meet changing economic constraints and instructional expectations is a challenge. The Principal’s Guide to School Budgeting is for administrators who want to enhance their instructional, technical, and managerial skills not only as school leaders but also as visionaries, planning coordinators, and budgeting managers. While retaining the features that made the first two editions bestsellers, this third edition incorporates the new Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL), up-to-date statistics related to budgeting during lean times, and information about budgeting for technology enhancements and to meet new state and federal standards. Readers will find

a budgeting checklist and templates
standards-oriented scenarios
case study applications and questions
experiential activities
a glossary of terms

Showcasing real school finance scenarios, this guide will help administrators plan a successful budget, monitor funds, evaluate budget reports, and prepare action plans that keep students achieving during challenging times.  

About the Authors
Chapter 1: The Budget–Vision Relationship and the National Standards
Chapter 2: Culture, Data, Conflict Resolution, and Celebrating Success
Chapter 3: A Model for Integrating Vision, Planning, and Budgeting
Chapter 4: Understanding the Budgeting Process
Chapter 5: Effective, Efficient, and Essential Budgeting Practices
Chapter 6: Building the School Budget
Resource A. Selected Forms
Resource B. Experiential Exercises
Resource C. Budgeting Checklist for School Administrators


Key features

The book will continue to retain, as in the first and second editions, the standards-oriented vignettes and scenarios, discussion questions, case study applications and questions, experiential activities, and resources and references, all in updated form.

  • Treats school-based budgeting as a part of the vision and planning process
  • Ties school-based budgeting to the ISLLC standards
  • Discussion questions
  • Application Problems and Situations
  • Experiential Activities
  • Budgeting checklist, templates, and forms
  • Glossary of Terms

For instructors

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