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The Psychology Major's Handbook

The Psychology Major's Handbook

Sixth Edition

May 2024 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Research shows that today's students are unique. Whether anxious, overwhelmed, or too busy to ask for help, modern students trust and turn to the resources at their fingertips for guidance. Tara Kuther created The Psychology Major's Handbook for this purpose, to bridge the gap between advisor and manual. Created to support and follow along with a student through college, this text provides the support of an advisor as students navigate choosing a major, learning how to study, writing papers, and deciding what to do after college. Within each chapter, Kuther supports learners in applying concepts to their own lives through embedded exercises. The updated Sixth Edition encourages students to take an active role in their education and explains all of the ways that students can influence their own college experiences. Three individual chapters emphasize academics and cover crucial study and college skills, such as writing a review paper, and an APA Style empirical paper. The final four chapters of the text focus on bachelor's and graduate opportunities to help students to look past graduation.

Chapter 1 • What Is Psychology?
Chapter 2 • Choosing a Major: Is Psychology for You?
Chapter 3 • What Can I Do With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology?
Chapter 4 • Take an Active Role in Your Education
Chapter 5 • Self-Management Skills
Chapter 6 • Study Tips: Tools for Academic Success
Chapter 7 • Writing a Literature Review
Chapter 8 • Writing an Empirical Paper
Chapter 9 • Finding a Job With Your Bachelor’s Degree
Chapter 10 • What Can I Do With a Graduate Degree in Psychology?
Chapter 11 • Applying to Graduate School in Psychology
Key features
  • Chapter 1 (College and the Psychology Degree) has been reframed to explore the value of college education and the challenges of adjusting to college life, with attention to first-generation students and adult learners. 
  • Chapter 3 (What Can I Do with a Bachelor's Degree) includes new sections on career readiness and updated salary data. 
  • Chapter 9 (Finding a Job with Your Bachelor's Degree) has been thoroughly revised to include updated resources for online job searching, a new sample resume, and a discussion of how to present yourself online and in person. 
  • Students are encouraged throughout the text with expanded discussion of self-empowerment and time management, how to manage test anxiety, and tips for success in online courses. 
  • The sections of the text on writing have been revised to reflect the 7th edition of the APA Style Manual. 


  • Content applicable to students of all majors
  • Content tailored to the specific needs of psychology students
  • An emphasis on active learning through exercises and writing prompts

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