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The Research Experience
The Research Experience: Planning, Conducting and Reporting Research, Second Edition is the complete guide to the behavioral science research process. The book covers theoretical research foundations, guiding students through each step of a research project with practical instruction and help. The latest technological tools, such as SurveyMonkey®, Qualtrics®, and Amazon Mechanical Turk®, are included to show the increasing influence of the Internet to conduct studies and how research is conducted in the world today. Taking students through the process from generating ideas for research to writing and presenting findings helps them absorb and apply the material. With its practical emphasis and supporting pedagogy, students will be able to successfully design and execute a research project.

Chapter 1 Research, Biases in Thinking, and the Role of Theories
Chapter 2 Generating and Shaping Ideas: Tradition and Innovation
Chapter 3 Research Design Approaches and Issues: An Overview
Chapter 4 Ethics and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Process
Chapter 5 Measurement: Qualities of Measures
Chapter 6 Surveys: Developing Measures and Items
Chapter 7 Correlational Research and Specialized Nonexperimental Designs
Chapter 8 Qualitative research
Chapter 9 Experimental Research: Between Subjects Designs – Conceptual and Practical Considerations
Chapter 10 Experimental Research: Within, Mixed, and Pre-Post Designs - Conceptual and Practical Considerations
Chapter 11 Recruiting Participants
Chapter 12 Organizing Data and Analyzing Results
Chapter 13 Writing and Presenting Your Research


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“The material reflects current thinking in the field…This textbook does a very thoughtful job of organizing [tables and figures]. [A majority of my students are visual learners]…having all of the tables and figures is greatly appreciated…The focus on presentations and presenting the research is very helpful.”

“[This] textbook is very copious and thoughtful, without being overwhelming or patronizing…this textbook has a really nice balance and is comfortable to read. Additionally, the figures/tables are very helpful and are great for all learners, especially visual learners.”

Jeannie Stamatakis-Amess
Lincoln University

“[The key strengths of the text are] the style of writing, the examples, the depth of the information, [and] some chapters are beautifully organized and helpful, [such as writing your research].”

Michaela Porubanova
Farmingdale State College
Key features
  • Updated Ethics Chapter (Ch. 4) reflects the revised Common Rule governing research with human subjects.
  • This edition incorporates updates in the seventh edition of the APA Publication Manual, including Bias-Free Language and new citation and reference styles.
  • Separate chapters on Correlational and Nonexperimental Research and Qualitative Research give more depth to these designs as important fields of study.
  • Covers Journal Article Reporting Standards (JARS) to show students all the information that needs to be provided about a project.
  • Includes an explanation of ABBA and randomized block designs for students to better understand options for specialized designs.
  • Updated information on SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, and statistics software packages provides students with the latest information for online research.
  • Practice Quizzes have been added to the end of each chapter to test student understanding.


  • Thorough coverage of research design and methods fundamentals emphasizes the practical issues involved in producing research projects and reports.
  • Coverage of current technological applications enables students to utilize the latest online tools for their research projects.
  • Attention to the kinds of errors in thinking that undermine the research process helps students understand how basic human tendencies such as heuristics influence the research process.
  • Practical information on finding resources and using library databases helps students get started on understanding the research landscape and developing their research question.
  • Three types of questions throughout every chapter include Revisit and Respond, Try This Now, and Build Your Skills to promote student learning.
  • Glossary callouts and in-text definitions help students understand the terminology of research methods.

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