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The Right Price

The Right Price
How To Pay for Medical School and Feel Good about It

October 1999 | 88 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Those contemplating medical school have heard horror stories about the cost of medical education. This book helps medical students determine the real cost of their education and the best way to finance it based on the school they choose. The volume also includes references for funding sources and counseling. Readers will learn: * The different costs of education depending on the school(s) selected, and how great the final tally may be. * Alternative ways to finance medical education. * The types of service-repayment plans offered by the military and other organizations. * How to adapt to a life of temporary debt and stay up to date on laws and policies that impact medical school debt. How much does it really cost to be a doctor? Can a student afford to obtain financial aid at a prestigious school, knowing that they will end up owing years later while friends who choose to attend less expensive schools pay off debts quicker? With an expert eye, Christine Weibe gives readers the real scoop on medical school, weaving in the importance of spending money wisely and realistically. Since many students focus all their efforts on being accepted into medical school instead of forming a realistic picture of the financial costs and benefits of becoming a doctor, she gives advice on avoiding disillusionment and how to budget money. She also stresses the importance of obtaining credit reports, getting and paying off loans, and figuring out how much the student's family should contribute. For example, one way to save money is to take advantage of programs that will pay for schooling in exchange for the promise to practice medicine at that location for a specified time. This practical book can be a guide for anyone considering or already making the trek through medical school.

Realities and Myths
Realities and Myths
Tallying the Cost
Paying the Price
Working It Off
Living the Life
A New Perspective
Resourses at Your Fingertips

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ISBN: 9780761917779

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