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The SAGE Handbook of Feminist Theory

The SAGE Handbook of Feminist Theory

Edited by:

August 2014 | 680 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

At no point in recorded history has there been an absence of intense, and heated, discussion about the subject of how to conduct relations between women and men. This Handbook provides a comprehensive guide to these omnipresent issues and debates, mapping the present and future of thinking about feminist theory.

The chapters gathered here present the state of the art in scholarship in the field, covering:

  • Epistemology and marginality
  • Literary, visual and cultural representations
  • Sexuality
  • Macro and microeconomics of gender
  • Conflict and peace. 
The most important consensus in this volume is that a central organizing tenet of feminism is its willingness to examine the ways in which gender and relations between women and men have been (and are) organized. The authors bring a shared commitment to the critical appraisal of gender relations, as well as a recognition that to think ‘theoretically’ is not to detach concerns from lived experience but to extend the possibilities of understanding.

With this focus on theory and theorizing about the world in which we live, this Handbook asks us, across all disciplines and situations, to abandon our taken-for-granted assumptions about the world and interrogate both the origin and the implications of our ideas about gender relations and feminism.

It is an essential reference work for advanced students and academics not only of feminist theory, but of gender and sexuality across the humanities and social sciences.

Mary Evans
Sumi Madhok & Mary Evans
Lorraine Code
Feminist Epistemology And The Politics Of Knowledge: Questions Of Marginality
Astrida Neimanis
Natural Others? On Nature, Culture, and Knowledge
Gayle Letherby
Feminist Auto/Biography
Sabine Grenz
Power in Feminist Research Processes
Sonia Kruks
Women’s "Lived Experience": Feminism and Phenomenology from Simone de Beauvoir to the Present
Kirsten Campbell
What Do Women Want? Feminist Epistemology and Psychoanalysis
Sian Hawthorne
Entangled Subjects: Feminism, Religion, and the Obligation to Alterity
Mary Evans
Religion, Feminist Theory and Epistemology
Sadie Wearing
Samantha McBean
What Stories Make Worlds, What Worlds Make Stories: Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake
Amber Jacobs
On Maternal Listening: Experiments in Sound and the Mother- Daughter Relation in Todd Haynes’ Mildred Pierce
Vron Ware
The Space of a Movement: Life-Writing Against Racism
Anna Reading
Making Memory Work for Feminist Theory
Karen Boyle
Feminism and Pornography
Imelda Whelehan
Representing Women in Popular Culture
Hatty Oliver
"It's all about shopping": The Role of Consumption in the Feminization of Journalism
Clare Hemmings
Emma Spruce
(It’s not all) Kylie concerts, exotic cocktails and gossip: The Appearance of Sexuality through 'Gay' Asylum in the UK
Gilbert Caluya, Jennifer Germon & Elspeth Probyn
Globalization and Feminism: Changing Taxonomies of Sex, Gender and Sexuality
Rosemary Hennessy
Thinking Sex Materially: Marxist, Socialist, and Related Feminist Approaches
Michelle Wright
Transnational Black Feminisms, Womanisms and Queer of Color Critiques
Jyoti Puri
States of Sexuality: Theorizing Sexuality, Gender and Governance
Rutvica Andrijasevic
The Figure of the Trafficked Victim: Gender, Rights and Representation
Clare Hemmings
Sexuality, Subjectivity and... Political Economy?
Ania Plomien
Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger
Homo Oeconomicus and 'His' Impact on Gendered Societies
Maria S. Floro
Integrating Gender in Economic Analysis
Wendy Sigle-Rushton
Essentially Quantified? Towards a More Feminist Modeling Strategy
Susan Himmelweit & Ania Plomien
Feminist Perspectives on Care: Theory,Practice and Policy
Robin Dunford & Diane Perrons
Power, Privilege and Precarity: the Gendered Dynamics of Contemporary Inequality
Elisabeth Klatzer & Christa Schlager
Macroeconomic Governance in the European Union: Reconfiguration of Power Structures and Erosion of Gender Equality
Drucilla Barker & Edith Kuiper
Gender, Class and Location in the Global Economy
Corina Rodriguez-Enriquez
Social Protection
Marsha Henry
Laura Sjoberg
Female Combatants, Feminism and 'Just' War
Jane L. Parpart & Kevin Partridge
Soldiering on: Pushing Militarized Masculinities into New Territory
Adam Jones
Gender, Genocide, and Gendercide
Maria Eriksson Baaz & Maria Stern
Understanding Sexual Violence in Conflict and Post-Conflict Settings
Swati Parashar
(En) Gendered Terror: Feminist Approaches to Political Violence

Both the vibrancy and value of contemporary feminist theory are on display in this finely edited Handbook.  Wide-ranging, innovative, and critically astute, the volume will be essential reading for those already attuned to feminist theory and to those finding their way in its debates for the first time.

Professor Robyn Wiegman
Duke University

Sustained by solid, interdisciplinary, feminist scholarship and cutting edge research, this Handbook takes its readers on an exciting journey through vast landscapes of feminist theorizing, covering an impressive number of issues from epistemologies and methodologies to key questions in feminist cultural studies, social sciences, economics and politics. A must for students and scholars who want an overview.

Professor Nina Lykke
Linköping University

...this important addition to ongoing conversations in gender studies and feminist activism is methodologically and politically diverse. ...the collection is also rigorous and focused.  Indeed, one of the volume’s major contributions is the implicit and explicit insistence of nearly all of its contributors that even as readers become acquainted with what is now a well-established, if multifaceted, field—“feminist theory”—these same readers remain aware of the contradictions and tensions inherent in feminism as theory and feminism as lived experience. an overview of feminist theory and public engagement, the book is a necessary read. Summing Up: Essential. All levels/libraries.
R. A. Miller
University of Massachusetts Boston

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