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The Sage Handbook of School Music Education

The Sage Handbook of School Music Education

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Music Methods

October 2024 | 640 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The Sage Handbook of School Music Education stands as an essential guide for navigating the evolving educational landscape in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis and the transformative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The handbook addresses philosophical foundations, social justice challenges, the envisioning of a transformative curriculum, and critical issues in music teacher education. Written by a diverse team of leading scholars, this handbook offers a truly global perspective with contributors from Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, and North and South America.

The handbook engages with the profound interplay of economic, political, and social forces that shape educational policies. Scholars within this collaborative work delve into what it means to educate in a world undergoing significant changes. This entails an exploration of emerging educational approaches, considerations for societal implications, and the interconnectedness of school music education with broader curricular and global contexts.

As a cohesive resource, The Sage Handbook of School Music Education not only addresses the challenges faced by educators but also envisions the transformative potential of music education in fostering creativity, inclusivity, and adaptability. This handbook serves as a compass for students, practitioners and scholars in the field, and all those passionate about navigating the complexities of redefining music education for a new era.

Part 1: Foundations
Part 2: Struggling for Social Justice Through Music Education 
Part 3: Curriculum Development 
Part 4: Teacher Education 

José Luis Aróstegui, Catharina Christophersen, Jeananne Nichols, Koji Matsunobu
Chapter 1: Directions to the School Music Education for a New Era
Section 1: Foundations
Geir Johansen
Chapter 2: School Music Education and the Society of Tomorrow: The Necessity of Navigating in Chaos
Alexandra Kertz-Welzel
Chapter 3: School Music Education and Utopian Thinking
Lauri Väkevä
Chapter 4: School Music Education, Virtuality and Virtualization
Vincent Bates
Chapter 5: Sustainable Futures and School Music
Daniel J. Shevock
Chapter 6: Place-Conscious: The Social and Ecological in School Music Education
Amira Erlich
Chapter 7: Reclaiming Spirituality in the Music Classroom During Times of World Crisis
André de Quadros, Ailbhe Kenny
Chapter 8: Forced Migration and Identity in School Music
Alexis A. Kallio, Nasim Niknafs
Chapter 9: Getting Stuck in Close-enough Democracy: Working the Ruins of Intercultural School Music Education Towards Post-ethical Utopias
Nasim Niknafs
Chapter 10: Moral Economy of Death in Music Education
Catharina Christophersen
Chapter 11: School Music Education and Uncertain Futures
Section 2: Struggling for Social Justice Through Music Education
Kelly Bylica
Chapter 12: Coming into Presence: The Challenges and Possibilities of Democratic Music Education
Petter Dyndahl
Chapter 13: Social Class and Cultural Participation
Juliet Hess
Chapter 14:Confronting ‘Divisive Concepts’ Legislation and White Emotionality: Encouraging Discomfort in Music Education
Rolando Ángel-Alvarado
Chapter 15: Struggling Against Inequities: Music Education and Human Rights in Times of Capitalocene
Sarah Bartolome, Stephanie Gregoire, Sam Bullington
Chapter 16: Gender and Sexuality in Music Education Research: A Rationale for a More Expansive Approach to LGBTQ Inclusion in Music Teaching and Learning
Claudia Gluschankof
Chapter 17: Music Education and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
Jesse Rathgeber, Adam Patrick Bell
Chapter 18: Disability as Disruption in Music Education
Héctor Vázquez-Córdoba
Chapter 19: Deconstructing Music Education: Addressing the Local Realities and Challenges in Educational Praxis
Nicola McAteer, Rory Wells
Chapter 20: Community Music and its Political Imperative: Music-making and the Struggle for Social Justice
Tao Guan, Ning Luo
Chapter 21: Struggling for Equity through Music: A High School Minority Student’s Programme for the Music College Entrance Exam in Southwest China
Jeananne Nichols
Chapter 22: To Heal: Notes for Allies of Social Justice in Music Education
Section 3: Curriculum Development
Carlos Abril
Chapter 23: A Holistic Approach to Music Education
Bo Wah Leung
Chapter 24: Music Education in a Changing Political Environment: Reflections on the School Music Curriculum in Hong Kong
Jess Mullen
Chapter 25: STEAM Education, Neoliberalism, and Inequality: Making a Creative Workforce for the 21st Century
Chee-Hoo Lum & Natalie Alexandra Tse
Chapter 26: Deep Listening and Playing in the Intercultural Space: On Soundscapes, Improvisation and Collaborative Creative Processes in Early Childhood and Elementary Music Education
Heidi Partti & Mikko Seppänen
Chapter 27: Technology in the Service of Educational Purposes in Music Classrooms
Annie Mok
Chapter 28: Bridging the Gaps: Enlivening the Curriculum in this Digital Age
Lee Cheng
Chapter 29: The Use of Digital Technology in School Music Education: Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Practices
Judy Lewis
Chapter 30: Public Pedagogy in the Elementary Music Classroom: Popular Music as a Tool for Critical Participatory Citizenship
Natassa Economidou
Chapter 31: Making their Voice Visible: Considering Students’ Perspectives in Music Curriculum Development and Implementation
Martin Fautley
Chapter 32: Beyond Measurement: Assessment and Evaluation in Music Education
José Luis Aróstegui
Chapter 33: Prolegomena to the School Music Education of the New Globalization
Section 4: Teacher Education
Tuulikki Laes, Danielle Treacy, Heidi Westerlund
Chapter 34: Beyond ‘Democracy’: Making Space for the Educational and Political in Music Education
Emily Akuno
Chapter 35: Struggling for Social Justice through Music Education Musical Arts Teacher Education in Kenya for a Humane Society
Patrick Schmidt
Chapter 36: Addressing the Policy Vacuum: Is Grassroot Policy Activism in Music Teacher Education Possible?
Kari Holdhus
Chapter 37: Facilitating Agency and Equity in Generalist music teacher education in Norway
Sean Powell
Chapter 38: Marginalization, Elite Capture, and Universality in Music Teacher Education: From Deference to Construction
Lily Chen-Hafteck
Chapter 39: Revitalizing Music Teacher Education through Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
Beatriz Ilari, Alexander Clements
Chapter 40: Towards Positive Youth Development and Well-Being in Music Education: Lessons for Music Teacher Education
Smaragda Chrysostomou
Chapter 41: Music Teacher Education in Times of Impermanence: The Potential of Technology
Julie Ballantyne
Chapter 42: Preparing for an Uncertain Future: Proposing a Reflective-Practice Pathway Towards Productive and Reflexive Professional Identities
Siew Ling Chua, Suriati Suradi
Chapter 43: Professional Development and Transformative Learning in Changing Times and Shifting Identities
Koji Matsunobu
Chapter 44: Beyond Borders and Beats: Exploring the Ever-Evolving Landscape of Music Teacher Education Across Regions

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