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The Social Workout Book

The Social Workout Book
Strength-Building Exercises for the Pre-Professional

Second Edition

December 2010 | 168 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

The social work profession comes alive with active learning exercises!

This Second Edition engages introductory social work students in hands-on, collaborative exercises focusing on four key areas in the curriculum: Social Welfare (History, Politics, Policies, and Services); The Social Work Profession; The Practice of Social Work; and A Vision for the Future. Throughout, this workbook challenges students to form their own opinions on many heated debates within key topics and helps them to apply key concepts and theories, creating enthusiasm about the field while helping to develop critical thinking skills.


Introduction to the First Edition
Introduction to the Second Edition
1. Social Welfare: History, Politics, Policies, and Services
2. The Social Work Profession
3. The Pracitce of Social Work
4. A Vision for the Future
About the Author

Excellent supplement for my SW 102 course.

Ms Dorisa Slaughter
Humanities, West Kentucky Cmty/Tech Clg
July 17, 2014

university chose alternative book

Ms Sharon Goldberg
School Of Social Work, Adelphi University
May 16, 2013
Key features

New to this Edition

  • A new focus on transculturalism skills, extending beyond multiculturalism skills, is featured in Workouts 12 and 14.
  • Workouts 8 and 9 incorporate the ever-changing state of technology and its consequences for clients (e.g., cyberstalking) as well as for professionals (e.g., ethical issues related to e-counseling and issues of confidentiality).
  • The current state of evidence-based practice and its implications for social work professionals are considered in Workout 15.
  • Workouts 3, 5, 6, and 8 challenge and build the student's skills as they relate to successful community organization, a central method of practice.

Key Features

  • Practical in focus, this book covers the key areas in which social workers actually work. It introduces students to practice with individuals and families as well as policy practice and advocacy.
  • The workbook inspires students to analyze important real-world issues in the field and to debate them with their fellow students, transforming the classroom environment into an interactive learning experience.
  • Each of the 19 Workouts helps students to articulate a personal value system, to develop an increased understanding of the context in which services are provided, and to formulate a framework for examining human problems that integrates personal values as well as those of the profession.

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