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The Social Worlds of Higher Education

The Social Worlds of Higher Education
Handbook for Teaching in A New Century

Edited by:

March 1999 | 672 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

This is the first comprehensive guide to teaching in the social sciences ever published. "'Two complete works in one" provides a survey of the larger institutional context and alternative perspectives on current debates in higher education, as well as a comprehensive and practical guide to teaching. Contains original essays by leading teachers and scholars including Craig Calhoun, Teresa Sullivan, Dean Dorn, Paul Baker, Charles Tilly, Howard Aldrich, Daniel Chambliss, and Mary Romero. The accompanying Fieldguide for Teaching includes an additional 80 articles, excerpts, teaching tips, exercises, checklists, and overheads covering a complete spectrum of teaching concerns.

Bernice A Pescosolido and Ronald Aminzade
Teaching for What and for Whom? The Social Worlds and Structural Paradoxes of the University at the End of the 20th Century
Gene I Maeroff
The Debate
College Teachers, the New Leisure Class

Ronald Aminzade and Bernice A Pescosolido
Introduction to the Changing Landscape of Higher Education
Craig Calhoun
The Changing Character of College
Institutional Transformation in American Higher Education

Teresa Sullivan
Higher Education and Its Social Contracts
Arthur Levine
How the Academic Profession is Changing
Burton R Clark
Small Worlds, Different Worlds
The Uniqueness and Troubles of American Academic Professions

Charles S Green III and Dean S Dorn
The Changing Classroom
The Meaning of Shifts in Higher Education for Teaching and Learning

Mark Edmundson
The Debate
On the Uses of a Liberal Education - As Lite Entertainment for Bored College Students

Diane F Halpern
The War of the Worlds
Why Psychology Helps Bridge the Gap Between Students' and Professsors' Conceptual Understanding

Paul Baker
Creating Learning Communities
The Unfinished Agenda

Thomas A Angelo
The Campus as Learning Community
Seven Promising Shifts and Seven Powerful Levers

Donald L Finkel and G Stephen Monk
Dissolution of the Atlas Complex
Richard Paul
Critical Thinking, Moral Integrity and Citizenshiip
Teaching for Intellectual Virtues

Jamie A Vasquez and Nancy Wainstein
Instructional Responsibilities of College Faculty to Minority Students
Norman Furniss
Barbarians Inside the Gate? Why Undergraduates Always Seem Worse and Civilization as We Know It at the Brink
Craig E Nelson
On the Persistence of Unicorns
The Trade-Off between Content and Critical Thinking Revisited

Jeremy Freeze, Julie E Artis and Brian Powell
Now I Know my ABC's
Demythologizing Grade Inflation

Mary Dean Sorcinelli
The Evaluation of Teaching
The 40-Year Debate about Student, Colleague and Self-Evaluations

Pat Hutchings
Behind Outcomes
Contexts and Questions for Assessment

Patrick J Hill
The Crucial Philosophical and Organziational Issues

Gerald Graff
Conflict in America
Robert N Bellah
Class Wars and Culture Wars in the University Today
Why We Can't Defend Ourselves

Troy Duster
An Emerging Reformulation of "Competence" in an Increasingly Multicultural World
Charles Tilly
The Trouble with Stories
Carole E Hill
Challenging Assumptions of Human Diversity
The Teaching Imagination in Anthropology

Harvey J Graff
Teaching and Historical Understanding
Disciplining Historical Imagination with Historical Context

Howard Aldrich and Solvi Lillejord
Stop Making Sense! Why Aren't Universities Better at Promoting Innovative Teaching?
David M Newman
Three Faces of Relevance
Connecting Disciplinary Knowledge to the "Real World"

Lawrence C Soley
Underneath the Ivy and the Social Costs of Corporate Ties
Linda Ray Pratt
Disposable Faculty
Part-Time Exploitation as Management Strategy

Erwin Chemerinsky
Is Tenure Necessary to Protect Academic Freedom?
Richard Edwards
Why Tenure is Worth Protecting
William G Tierney
Academic Community and Post-Tenure Review
Steven M Cahn
Two Concepts of Affirmative Action
Amy Gutmann
Distributing Higher Education
bell hooks
Eros, Eroticism and the Pedagogical Process
Jane Gallop
Consensual Amorous Relations
Patrick Dilger
Putting an End to Risky Romance
Bernice A Pescosolido and Eleanor Miller
Of Nerds, Ardent Suitors and Lecherous Professors
Daniel F Chambliss
Doing What Works
On the Mundanity of Excellence in Teaching

Gerald T Powers
Teaching and Learning
A Matter of Style?

Stephen Brookfield
Building Trust with Students
Peter Elbow
Embracing Contraries in the Teaching Process
Marilyn R Schuster and Susan R Van Dyne
Stages of Curriculum Transformation
Elizabeth Higginbotham
Getting All Students to Listen
Analyzing and Coping with Student Resistance

Thomas J Gerschick
Should and Can a White, Heterosexual Middle-Class Man Teach Students about Social Inequality and Oppression? One Person's Experience and Reflections
Elizabeth Ellsworth
Why Doesn't This Feel Empowering? Working through the Repressive Myths of Critical Pedagogy
Brian Ault
View from the Inside
The Disabling Structures of Graduate Education

Parker J Palmer
The Heart of a Teacher
Identity and Integrity in Teaching

Sara C Hare, Walter R Jacobs and Jean Harold Shin
Entering the Classroom from the Other Side
A Conversation on the Life and Times of Graduate Associate Instructors

Kent L Sandstrom
Embracing Modest Hopes
Lessons from the Beginning of the Teaching Journey

Diane Gillespie
Carl's Story
Narrative as Reflective Teaching Practice

Howard Aldrich
Promise, Failure and Redemption
A Life Course Perspective on Teaching as a Career

Allan Bloom
The Debate
The Student and the University

Craig Calhoun
Continuing Trends or Future Transformations?
R Eugene Rice
Rethinking Faculty Careers
Robert B Barr and John Tagg
From Teaching to Learning
A New Paradigm for Undergraduate Education

Elizabeth Grauerholz, Brett McKenzie and Mary Romero
Behond These Walls
Teaching Within and Outside the Expanded Classroom - Boundaries in the 21st Century

Ronald Aminzade and Bernice A Pescosolido
Reconstructing the Social Worlds of Higher Education
Changes, Challenges and Dilemmas


"Teaching in colleges and universities can be particularly challengin and this handbook and field guide offer practical tips for beginning instructors and seasoned faculty members to use. Moreover, the essays touch on the personal as well as professional aspects of teaching in higher education." 

Norris Manning
Southern Illinois University
The Journal of the National Academic Advising Association

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ISBN: 9780761986133