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The State, Democracy and Anti-Terror Laws in India

The State, Democracy and Anti-Terror Laws in India

First Edition

June 2018 | 348 pages | SAGE India
Laws like the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) are enacted to address what the state describes as extraordinary situations and put in place exceptions to the ordinary legal and judicial procedures. By examining public debates surrounding extraordinary laws like POTA and the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA) and also specific cases, trials and judgements under the Acts, the author

- argues that extraordinary laws have ramifications for people’s lives, political institutions, the rule of law and democratic functioning;
- shows how such laws assume ‘normalcy’ and acquire a place of permanence in state practices; and
- examines the ways in which such extraordinary laws manifest dominant configurations of political power and ideology.

While exploring the unfolding of POTA in specific contexts, the book shows how the law was enmeshed in the politics of Hindutva, electoral and coalition politics, centre-state relations, the politics of repression and reconciliation against nationality struggles, and issues of poverty and development.
Dilemma of Democracy or Reasons of State: Extraordinary Laws in India
'Cutting Down Trees': Procedural Legality and the Quest for Legitimacy
The Unfolding of Extraordinariness: POTA and the Construction of Suspect Communities
The Unfolding of Extraordinariness: National Security Syndrome and Implications for Centre-State Relations in India
POTA and Beyond: The Silent Erosion

Singh’s book is a courageous study that espouses a deep quest for justice and fairness. It is relevant not only to students of law but also to students of social science, human/civil rights activists and conscientious citizens.

Contributions to Indian Sociology

An eminently readable work, the book…is rich in detail, yet incisive for its analysis. The book…makes an important contribution when it recognises the "complex interlocking system of laws" that takes place between security legislation and other criminal law allowing additional bypassing of procedures and safeguards…Detailed coverage of such technicalities makes this book a valuable resource for lawyers and scholars alike.

Economic & Political Weekly

This book is well researched thought provoking and topical.

Free Press Journal

The book explains the violence of jurisprudence using information collected from court judgements, parliamentary debates and party statements.

The Book Review

The effort comes out well-researched, thought-provoking and topical. The book will be of interest to students and scholars of politics, law, security studies and human rights.

USI Journal

Thought-provoking and topical, this book is meant to interest students and scholars of politics, law, sociology and human rights.

The Asian Age

This is a technical book meant essentially for politicians and lawyers.

The Organiser

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