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Theory-Driven Evaluations

Theory-Driven Evaluations

May 1994 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"With the publication of Theory-Driven Evaluations, Huey-Tsyh Chen has given us an ambitious volume. . . . Indeed, it is the aspiration of this book to provide a conceptual framework that integrates the diverse approaches and paradigms of evaluation. For those of us accustomed to the rhetoric of the paradigm wars that have been raging in recent years, it is refreshing to find a text that works so assiduously at reconciliation. . . . There is much that is useful in Chen's analysis. He gives us a full and thoughtful book that attempts no less than the construction of a conceptual framework for all of program evaluation. . . . It provides an impressive compendium of source material and references spanning not only evaluation, but related work in economics and public policy (this alone is worth the price of the book). . . . Chen's Theory-Driven Evaluations provides a stimulating, even heroic attempt to bring some conceptual integration to a field that has been too long dominated by methodological paradigms and procedural particulars." --a prepublication review for Evaluation and Program Planning "Generous use of examples which are well selected and lucidly summarized." --Contemporary Sociology "Chen introduces a new, comprehensive framework for program evaluation that is designed to bridge the gap between method and theory-oriented perspectives. . . . For program planners, decision makers, scholars, and students, this volume clarifies, illuminates and provides unique insights into the conception, construction and implementation of a wide range of programs. . . . The research examples used in the discussion draw upon various areas, such as education, welfare, health, criminal justice, job training [and] family construction to attract a wider audience." --Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling Program evaluation has traditionally emphasized the application of social science research methods in evaluation activities. However, there is a growing awareness that program theory is vital for broadening the scope and enhancing the usefulness of program evaluation. In Theory-Driven Evaluations, Huey-Tsyh Chen introduces a new, comprehensive framework for program evaluation that is designed to bridge the gap between the method- and theory-oriented perspectives. He provides an intensive discussion of the nature and functions of program theory, approaches to constructing program theories, and the integration of program theory with evaluation processes. Specific types of theory-driven evaluations, as well as principles and guidelines for application are developed for meeting different policy purposes. Application of systematic strategies is illustrated by concrete examples from a variety of evaluation studies in different fields. The presentation of this new perspective directly addresses the needs and concerns in both the professional and applied areas of program evaluation. For program planners, decisionmakers, scholars and students, this volume will clarify, illuminate, and provide unique insights into the conception, construction, and implementation of a wide range of programs.

Method and Theory in Program Evaluation
A Question of Balance

The Theory-Driven Perspective
The New Alternative

Constructing Program Theory
Values, Approaches, and Strategies

Applications of Theory-Driven Evaluations
Normative Outcome Evaluation
Normative Treatment Evaluation
Normative Implementation Environment Evaluation
Impact Evaluation I
Broadening the Evidence Base

Impact Evaluation II
Assessing Intended and Unintended Outcomes

Intervening Mechanism Evaluation
Generalization Evaluation
Normative Treatment-Impact Evaluation
Normative Implementation Environment-Impact Evaluation

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ISBN: 9780803958999