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Translational Research and Applied Psychology in India

Translational Research and Applied Psychology in India

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Kamlesh Singh - Associate Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi.
  • Suman Sigroha - Assistant Professor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.

December 2019 | 428 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

Translational research (TR) is the means by which the knowledge gained through basic scientific research can be implemented specifically for achieving a better quality of life. It seeks to provide a pathway for ideas to quickly reach the implementation stage. TR has now been extended to social sciences, such as applied psychology, where focused TR is underway in several areas, such as happiness, mental health and well-being, promoting positive cultural practices and intervention programmes.

Translational Research and Applied Psychology in India focuses on research translated into real-world awareness programmes in various settings—corporate workplaces, educational, religious and social institutions, and rural areas—and even web-based interventions that are facilitating improvement in people’s daily lives. This comprehensive overview of theoretical frameworks and programmes will help further functional knowledge and identify barriers between theory, practice and policy, besides bridging those barriers. 

The book is of critical importance due to the ever-increasing socio-economic differences and other related disparities that lead to ever-widening gaps in healthcare access and other such public concerns.


Introduction: Laying the Groundwork—Translational Research and Its Role in Applied Psychology
Bharti Shokeen and Kamlesh Singh
Knowledge Translation and Translational Research
Kamlesh Singh and Shilpa Bandyopadhyay
Research Methods in Applied Psychology: An Evaluation
Jasleen Kaur and Kamlesh Singh
Applications of Psychology in Rural India
Kamlesh Singh, Yoshiaki Takahashi and Jasleen Kaur
Perceived Happiness and Its Determinants
Swati Sharma and Kamlesh Singh
Role of Religious and Spiritual Practices in Mental Health
Pulkit Khanna and Kamlesh Singh
Applications of Positive Psychology in Indian School Setting
Shilpa Bandyopadhyay and Kamlesh Singh
Web-based Interventions to Improve Quality of Life
Mahima Raina and Kamlesh Singh
Employee Well-Being in Organizations
Conclusion: Psychology and Translational Research—The Way Ahead
Key features
• Presents various pioneering translational research projects in India in the field of applied psychology.

• Elucidates the principles for developing translational research as per the social sciences framework.

• Envisions facilitating mutual collaboration assistance between society and academia to achieve more lasting solutions.

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ISBN: 9789353285548

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