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Translations and Subsidiary Rights


Each year, the Sage Foreign Rights Team attends the London Book Fair, the Beijing Book Fair and the Frankfurt Book Fair.  If you would like to make an appointment or have a query about our program, contact  You can also browse our annual Translation Rights Catalogues for title recommendations in each subject area.  


Translation Rights Catalogue


Translation Rights Catalogue 2017-2018

PDF Version

Translation Rights Catalogue


Translation Rights Catalogue 2016-2017

PDF Version

Translation Rights Catalogue


2015-2016 Translations Rights Catalogue

PDF Version


For book translation requests, please contact our Foreign Rights team on

Please note that we will only accept review requests from publishing companies and agencies.


Information for Translators and Authors

It is our policy to contract directly with a foreign language publisher when licensing a translated edition. The foreign language publisher makes arrangements directly with the translator of their choice and Sage is not involved in that arrangement.  If you are interested in translating a book as an independent translator, we suggest:

  • researching local publishers who are actively publishing in the subject area of your choice
  • write a proposal to relevant publishers describing the book you wish to translate as well any significance the title holds for potential readers


Subsidiary Rights and Licensing

Please send all queries for reprints, audio, tv/film, serial and book club rights to:

Claire Louise Harper, Rights and Licensing Manager


For permission to translate a single book chapter or journal article, please visit our permissions pages for instructions on submitting a request.