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Treatment Strategies for Abused Children

Treatment Strategies for Abused Children
From Victim to Survivor

264 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Anyone who works with abused children has experienced the frustration of searching for appropriate materials to use in therapeutic settings. Treatment Strategies for Abused Children, a tangible, activity-oriented resource, provides hard-to-find supplements as well as important background information and guidelines for use. Authors Cheryl L. Karp and Traci L. Butler offer a brief review of child sexual development then present a four-stage approach to recovery for children ages 6 to 12. Designed for use in conjunction with traditional therapeutic interventions, this volume guides the therapist from establishing a therapeutic rapport to helping children explore the trauma, repair their sense of self, and become future oriented. Special activities empower children to safely deal with trauma-related issues at each phase of healing. Actual case examples provide a walk-through of how the activities can be applied, although the therapist can determine which activities to use at any given stage of treatment. Written to help young victims heal and gain control of their lives, Treatment Strategies for Abused Children is an enlightening and practical workbook for mental health practitioners as well as advanced students and interns who work with physically, sexually, or emotionally abused children.
William N Friedrich
Introduction and Theory
Overview of Child Sexual Development
Phase One: Establishing the Therapeutic Rapport
Who Am I? Image Building, Goal Setting and Therapeutic Trust
Phase Two: Exploration of Trauma
Developing Trust and Being Safe
Memories, Nightmares and `Monsters'
Phase Three: Repairing the Sense of Self
Letting Go of Guilt and Shame
Working through the `Stuck' Feelings
Phase Four: Becoming Future Oriented
What Have I Learned?