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Uncovering Hidden Rhetorics

Uncovering Hidden Rhetorics
Social Issues in Disguise

November 2007 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"One of the most important benefits of this book is that Brummet and his contributors demonstrate interesting ways to read critically." —T.B. Dykeman,CHOICE

Unmasking the social and political messages found in popular culture  

Sometimes movies, television shows, political speeches, and music lyrics seem to be about one thing on the surface but express other serious social and political issues when we examine them more closely. Using methods of formal analysis, Uncovering Hidden Rhetorics: Social Issues in Disguise offers students and scholars a key to unlocking hidden text that abounds in popular culture.  

Key Features  
  • Weaves meticulous analysis with popular culture throughout, keeping students and scholarly readers alike engaged and interested  
  • Empowers students to find hidden themes in texts of everyday life and inspires ongoing critical thinking  
  • Using a clear and engaging style and examples of well-known works makes formal analysis more accessible  

Intended Audience  
Interested scholars and upper-level undergraduate students enrolled in such courses as rhetoric and popular culture, contemporary rhetorical theory/criticism, media criticism, popular culture and mass communication, rhetorical methods, and so forth will find this compelling text an informative and delightful read.

Barry Brummett
Social Issues in Disguise: An Introduction to Sneaky Rhetoric
Kristen Hoerl
Remembering and Forgetting Black Power in Mississippi Burning
Lisa Glebatis Perks, Luke Winslow, Sharon Avital
Limited Representation: A Homology of Discriminatory Media Portrayals of Little People and African Americans
Barry Brummett
Whispers of a Racial Past: Forms of White Liberal History in The Horse Whisperer
Lisa Glebatis Perks
The Evil Albino: Cinematic Othering and Scapegoating of Extreme Whites
Kathryn M. Olson
Detecting a Common Interpretive Framework for Impersonal Violence: The Homology in Participants? Rhetoric on Sport Hunting, "Hate Crimes," and Stranger Rape
Luke Winslow
Classy Morality: The Rhetoric of Joel Osteen
Angela J. Aguayo
The Re-Visioned American Dream: The Wildlife Documentary Form as Conservative Nostalgia
E. Johanna Hartelius
Weathering the Storm: Pirates of the Caribbean and Transnational Corporatism
Roger Gatchet
A Hystery of Colonial Witchcraft: Witch-Hunt Tourism and Commemoration in Salem, Massachusetts
Teresita Garza
Outing the Marlboro Man: Issues of Masculinity and Class Closeted in Brokeback Mountain
William Earnest
Making Gay Sense of the X-Men
About the Editor
About the Contributors

"One of the most important benefits of this book is that Brummet and his contributors demonstrate interesting ways to read critically."

T.B. Dykeman
Fairfield University

An enjoyable text, linking perennial social issues with events and icons from popular culture. Definitely recommended for classes in media discourse.

Dr Aditi Bhatia
Department of English, City University of Hong Kong
September 8, 2011
Key features
  • Introduction explains the focus on form that loosely links the methods used in the chapters and also overviews the general structure of the text and each of the essays
  • Section introductions further highlight themes and methods used in uncovering "hidden" rhetorics
  • 12 critical essays--ten of which were specifically written for this volume--all illustrate the theme of disguise as used in various texts (films, popular music, television, etc.)

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