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Understanding and Working with Substance Misusers

Understanding and Working with Substance Misusers

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Drugs & Behavior

June 2010 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

"Building on the principles of motivational interviewing and a whole systems approach, Aaron Pycroft masterfully addresses the complexity of substance misuse. The inclusion of up-to-date neurological research enhances our understanding of the nature of addiction as a multi modal phenomenon. Educators in the helping professions and addiction experts will find Understanding and Working with Substance Misusers a highly informative and thought-provoking resource. Uniquely, this text is enhanced by the cross fertilization of addiction concepts and evidence-based research from both sides of the Atlantic."                                                                 
Katherine van Wormer, University of Northern Iowa

Understanding and Working with Substance Misusers explores the complex nature of addiction and the challenges involved in responding effectively through policy and practice. It examines the biopyschosocial elements of addiction to substances (including alcohol) and, draws together key research findings from these fields to present a new framework for integrating theory and practice.

The book argues that the best way to understand addictions is as examples of "complex self organizing systems", which comprise many interacting component parts. In so doing, it addresses the problem of service users presenting with multiple needs (including poly drug use, mental health problems, criminal behavior, unemployment and relationship difficulties) and the challenges that this poses for policy makers, services commissioners and practitioners alike.

This book fills the need for a text which makes the complex issues surrounding substance misuse accessible to both students and practitioners. As such, it fosters a multidisciplinary and critically reflective approach to policy and practice.

Drugs and Drug Users in Context
The Policy Context and Legal Framework
From Disease to Dependency Syndrome
Harm Reduction Approaches
The Psychological Revolution
The Genetic Revolution and Disease Theory Revisited
Interventions and Equivocal Outcomes
Complex Adaptive Systems: A New Paradigm for Working with Addiction?
Pulling It All Together: An Extended Case Study

For those either just interested or currently new to this field then this text provides a solid but easy and accessible introduction to the key issues for substance misusers. The way core policy is integrated may enable a clearer understanding of the complexities for this often maligned area of health care.

Mr Simon Brewer
Dept of Applied Social Sciences, London Metropolitan University
August 13, 2010

It seems an excellent text; I am particularly interested in the generic aspect of addiction and substances for our course (MSc Exercise for Health) but do not think that this is an essential text . We will certainly drawon it.
Thank you for the opportunity to inspect this book.

Anne-Marie Hassenkamp

Ms Anne-Marie Hassenkamp
Please select your department, Please select your institution
August 6, 2010

an excellent book, covering a range of material; very valuable to students working with patients with substance misuse
the book is very well written, comprehensive using evidence based approach.

Dr Praxoulla Rameshwar
FHSCS, Kingston University
July 20, 2010

This book gives an insight into substances and those who use and abuse.It gives a good overall picture while remaining grounded in theory.

Ms Julie Burton
Psychology , Lincoln University
June 10, 2010

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