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Urban Politics

Urban Politics

Four Volume Set
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July 2010 | 1 624 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

City politics is an ancient, enduring, and vibrant enterprise that can be traced back over two millennia. Its key concerns include the nature of power, institutions, governance, community, scale and economic processes, as well as the urban citizenry itself and the public policy efforts to address their problems. The study of these concerns is inherently interdisciplinary, as local political processes are shaped by social forces, spatial dynamics and economic factors.

Volume 1: Traditions and Transitions examines different ways in which the politics of city life have been conceived down the ages;

Volume 2: Political Economy and Power brings together theoretical work developed to explain urban politics, focusing on the key interactions between economic and political processes and the distribution and nature of political power;

Volume 3: Institutions and Governance focuses on the formal and informal institutions of urban government and the task of urban governance;

Volume 4: Publics and Policies covers a range of topics in urban politics related to its various publics and related problems and policies.

The Polis Humphrey Kitto
The Early Polis as City and State Ian Morris
Extract from Politics Aristotle
Democratic Politics in Republican Rome John North
Extracts from The City of God against the Pagans Augustine
Subsidiarity, Federalism and the Best Constitution: Thomas Aquinas on city, province and empire Nicholas Aroney
The Emergence of an Urban Ideology at Florence, c. 1250-1450 George Holmes
The Great Towns Frederick Engels
The Paris Commune Karl Marx
The Arcades Project Walter Benjamin
Extracts from Plunkitt of Tammany Hall William Riordan
Latent Functions of the Machine Robert Merton
The Politics of Reform in Municipal Government in the Progressive Era Samuel Hays
Urban Renewal and Social Conflict Manuel Castells
From the City to Urban Society Henri Lefebvre
Introduction to Un-Heavenly City: The nature and future of our urban crisis Edward Banfield
The Uses of Sidewalks: Safety Jane Jacobs
Extracts from Who Governs Robert Dahl
The Local Community as Ecology of Games Norton Long
The Structure of Power in Regional City Floyd Hunter
Two Faces of Power Peter Bachrach and Morten Baratz
The City as a Growth Machine Harvey Molotch
Re-defining Urban Politics for the 21st Century Allan Cochrane
From Managerialism to Entrepreneurialism: The transformation in urban governance in late capitalism David Harvey
City Trenches: Urban politics and the patterning of class in the United States Ira Katznelson
Systemic Power in Community Decision Making: Restatement of stratification theory Clarence Stone
The Interests of the Limited City Paul Peterson
The Urban Basis of Political Alignment: Social class, domestic property ownership, and state intervention in consumption processes Patrick Dunleavy
Semi-Sovereign Cities: The politics of urban development Todd Swanstrom
The World City Hypothesis John Friedmann
Cities in Today's Global Age Saskia Sassen
Neoliberal Urbanism: Models, moments, mutations Jamie Peck, Nik Theodore and Neil Brenner
Six Discourses on the Postmetropolis Edward W. Soja
City, State and Market Stephen Elkin
Toward a Theory of Urban Development H. V. Savitch and Paul Kantor
Urban Regimes and the Capacity to Govern Clarence Stone
Urban Regimes and Growth Machines: Towards a cross-national research agenda Alan Harding
Governance as Theory: Five propositions Gerry Stoker
Rescuing Aunt Sally: Taking institutional theory seriously in urban politics Vivien Lowndes
Toward a Theory of Street-Level Bureaucracy Michael Lipsky
The Urban Bureaucracy Anne Mette Kjaer
Local Governance, the Crises of Fordism and the Changing Geographies of Regulation Mark Goodwin and Joe Painter
Understanding Recent Trends in Central-Local Relations: Centralisation in Great Britain and decentralisation in the United States Harold Wolman
Understanding Urban Governance: The contribution of rational choice Keith Dowding et al
Life-style Values and Political Decentralization in Metropolitan Areas Olivier Williams
Regionalisms: New and old Peter Dreier, John Mollenkopf and Todd Swanstrom
Metropolitan Institutional Reform and the Rescaling of State Space in Contemporary Western Europe Neil Brenner
Deepening Democracy Archon Fung and Erik Olin Wright
The Democratic Anchorage of Governance Networks Eva Sorensen and Jacob Torfing
The Limits of Partnership: An exit-action strategy for local democratic inclusion Jonathan Davies
The Rise of the Creative Class Richard Florida
Planet of Slums Mike Davis
Class and Protest in Africa: New waves David Seddon and Leo Zeilig
The Black Urban Regime: Structural origins and constraints A. Reed Jr.
Universalism and Deconcentration: Why race still matters in poverty and economic development J. Phillip Thompson, III
The Prospects for Political Equality: Is protest enough? R.P. Browning, D.R. Marshall and D.H. Tabb
Gender and Sexuality Judith Garber
Neither Romance nor Regulation: Re-evaluating community James DeFillipis, Robert Fisher and Eric Shragge
Urban Social Movements in an Era of Globalization Margit Mayer
Pivatism and the Limits of Local Economic Development Policy Timothy Barnekov and Daniel Rich
The Politics of Local Economic Development Harold Wolman with David Spitzley
Concentrated Poverty and Metropolitan Equity Strategies Scott Bollens
Excavating the Logic of British Urban Policy: Neoliberalism as the "crisis of crisis management Martin Jones and Kevin Ward
Local Policy Responses to Globalization: Place-based ownership models of economic enterprise David Imbroscio, Thad Williamson and Gar Alperowitz
Sustainability and Infrastructure Planning in South Africa: A Cape Town case study Mark Swilling
Reinventing Urban Citizenship Rainer Bauböck
City Life and Difference Marion Young

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Chapter 1: The Polis

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