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Using Evidence in Health and Social Care

Using Evidence in Health and Social Care

First Edition
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November 2000 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This wide-ranging text on research methods in health and social care introduces readers to different kinds of evidence and helps them to evaluate the unique contributions of each. It acknowledges the variety of contexts in which practitioners work and the challenges of putting research into practice. The book introduces readers to research of different kinds - the randomised controlled trial, the survey, qualitative research and action research - and highlights the underlying logic and value of each. It also addresses economic appraisal, and ethical issues in research. The text goes on to consider how there can be a much more active and dynamic interplay between practice and research, and using examples from health and social care shows that applying evidence is a complex process requiring the active participation of those on the receiving end. Those who seek to develop and improve their practice will welcome this approach to evidence-based health. The text supports evidence-based practice but seeks to ensure that the interpretations and uses of it are broad, thoughtful and informed. As such, Using Evidence in Health and Social Care will be an essential text for research methods courses in health, social work and nursing. It is a textbook for the Open University course K302 Critical Practice in Health and Social Care.

Ann Brechin and Moyra Sidell
Ways of Knowing
Roger Gomm
Making Sense of Surveys
Roger Gomm
Understanding Experimental Design
Kelley Johnson
Interpreting Meanings
Elizabeth Hart and Meg Bond
Using Action Research
Maureen Eby
Producing Evidence Ethically
Gill Needham
Research and Practice
Making a Difference

Roger Gomm
Agency Information for Better Practice
Roger Gomm
Would It Work Here?
Roger Gomm
Should We Afford It?
Roger Gomm
Evidence for Planning Services

A useful additional read for students to gain a greater understanding of the links between theory and practice.

Ms Clair Rees
Health, Social and Childcare, Neath Port Talbot College
September 13, 2016

Practicing reflectively is central to our professional development in the H+SC field. Adopting an evidence based approach to care is essential in upholding best practice, this well structured text gives students a comprehensive 'starting point' from which to consider the concept.

Ms Clair Rees
Health, Social and Childcare, Neath Port Talbot College
September 13, 2016

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