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Values-Based Leadership in Healthcare

Values-Based Leadership in Healthcare
Congruent Leadership Explored

June 2019 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Stanley's Values-Based Leadership in Healthcare proposes a bold new theory of leadership to help drive positive change in healthcare organisations.

The theory of 'Congruent Leadership' is defined and presented through a series of corporate and clinical case studies and examples, which guide the reader through the possibilities for using their own values to inform best practice. Parallels are drawn between iconic historical figures and events, to show that healthcare professionals can be courageous leaders by following their values and learning from great leaders past and present.

To aid understanding each chapter includes scenarios and reflective exercises to help readers grasp the application of theory to practice. By using an accessible frame of reference, Stanley outlines a refreshing alternative to existing theories of leadership and thoughtfully encourages practitioners to act in ethically-informed ways.

Part 1: Leadership Background
Chapter 1: Leadership: What We Know
Part 2: Congruent Leadership Outlined
Chapter 2: Congruent Leadership Theory
Chapter 3: Attributes of Congruent Leaders
Chapter 4: Visions versus Values
Chapter 5: The Strengths and Limitations of Congruent Leadership
Part 2: The Context of Congruent Leadership
Chapter 6: The Power of Self
Chapter 7: Organisational Culture and Congruent Leadership
Chapter 8: The Application of Congruent Leadership in the Workplace
Chapter 9: Summary: The Congruent Leader

David Stanley offers another perspective on leadership which demystifies the concept and removes the notion of hierarchy, opening it up to all, not just those with a title. The writing style and examples used ensure that this book is transferable and applicable to all practical professions.

Zoe Wilkes, Programme Leader, PGCert Practice Teacher, University of Hull

A well-presented book which introduces the reader to Congruent Leadership theory. Using an interesting narrative throughout with examples to illustrate Congruent Leadership in action. The addition of useful exercises to encourage reflective practice are particularly welcome.

Hazel Cowls, Lecturer, Adult Nursing, Plymouth

Informative and accessible

Dr Zoey Spendlove
Academic Div. of Midwifery (City Hospital), Nottingham University
September 23, 2019

love love love this book, thank you

Mrs Linda McNamee
School of Health & Social Care, Teesside University
February 24, 2020

Useful summary of leadership theories for MFPH candidates and a thoughtful exploration of maturity in leadership

Dr Anne Swift
School of Clinical Medicine, Cambridge University
September 12, 2019

informative and accessible

Dr Zoey Spendlove
Academic Div. of Midwifery (City Hospital), Nottingham University
September 23, 2019

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