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Virginia Government

Virginia Government
Institutions and Policy

October 2013 | 224 pages | CQ Press
Equally at home as a companion to an introductory text or as a stand-alone resource, Virginia Government offers an excellent introduction to the political institutions, actors, and policy processes of the Old Dominion State. Paying special attention to the governing arrangements that make Virginia unique, from statewide city-county separation to a single-term governor to shifting electoral alignments, Peaslee and Swartz strike the perfect balance, combining necessary background and historical analysis with current events and policy issues to make the information relevant and engaging for today’s students. Grounded in the comparative method, the text provides useful comparisons with governing institutions, political processes, and public polices in other states and localities.

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About the Authors
1. An Introduction to Government and Policymaking in the Commonwealth
2. A Framework for Governing: Exploring the Virginia State Constitution
3. From Blue to Red and Back Again: Voting and Political Participation in Virginia
4. Organized Interests: Political Parties and Group Politics in the State Capital
5. The Virginia General Assembly: Lawmaking in the Nation’s First Legislature
6. Steering the Ship of the State: Executive Power in Virginia
7. Law and Order in Virginia: The State Court System
8. Administering Government: Bureaucratic Power and Politics in Virginia
9. Paying the Bill: Budgeting and Finance in Virginia
10. Municipalities and Metropolitanism: Local and Regional Governance in Virginia
11. Inside the Laboratory: Public Policymaking in Virginia

“Peaslee and Swartz’s Virginia Government is thorough, well written, and concise—all ideal for student comprehension. This book is an articulate, forthright, and astute analysis of what makes the Commonwealth of Virginia unique among the states. Students will appreciate the critical, yet approachable, analysis provided by Peaslee and Swartz.”

Roy Kirby
Roanoke College

“The authors have succeeded in presenting a thorough, clear and concise overview of Virginia’s system of governments, the different sources of governmental authority, the responsibilities of the various municipalities, and the revenue sources for implementation of those responsibilities. Students should be able to easily understand how the various pieces of municipal government fit into the matrix of state government and how financial obligations are shared between all entities.”

Frederick M. Quayle
Old Dominion University

“Liliokanaio Peaslee and Nicholas J. Swartz provide a much needed comprehensive introduction to Virginia government and politics that is essential to understanding the eccentricities of the state that V.O. Key, Jr. called the ‘political museum piece’.”  

Laura van Assendelft
Mary Baldwin College

“Peaslee and Swartz have written an informative book on Virginia government and its history. The graphs and charts are timely and clearly articulate the important ideas and issues. Virginia Government: Institutions and Policy is an ideal companion book to any state and local government class.”

Mary L. Carver
Longwood University
Key features
  • Contemporary examples and comparisons with other states highlight why Virginia’s governing arrangements look the way they do.
  • Key concepts and suggestions for further reading make it easy for students to explore topics introduced in chapters.
  • Chapter-by-chapter instructor resources include PowerPoint slides and a test bank. 

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