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Welfare Theory and Development

Welfare Theory and Development

Four Volume Set
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January 2011 | 1 672 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Welfare Theory and Development, a four volume set, provides a focal point for the study and analysis of welfare in developed societies. It comprises the key contributions that have been made to the understanding of welfare by leading theorists and researchers of social policy over the past century or so. In particular, it draws on seminal articles and papers published in academic journals and major edited collections which have been important in underpinning both later academic study and policy development. A wide historical reach gives readers across the world access to a range of material that focuses on international and comparative analysis.

Part I: Welfare Theory

Part 2: The Development of Welfare

Part 3: The Social Context of Welfare

Concepts and Issues
The Welfare State in Historical Perspective Asa Briggs
Remembering and Rethinking the Social Divisions of Welfare: 50 years on Kirk Mann
Common Goals but Different Roles: The state's contribution to the welfare mix Richard Rose
Reasons for Welfare Robert Goodin, Bruce Headey, Ruud Muffels and Henk-Jan Dirven
Perspectives on Welfare Alan Deacon
Theoretical perspectives
Ideologies of Welfare Vic George & Paul Wilding
The Origins of the Welfare State Ian Gough
Freedom and Progress H Macmillan
Is This Still Capitalism? Anthony Crosland
Postmodernism, Welfare and Radical Politics Tony Fitzpatrick
Rudolf Klein O'Goffe's Tale, Or What Can We Learn from the Success of the Capitalist Welfare States?
Social Problems
Constructing Social Problem N Manning
A Taxonomy of Social Need Jonathan Bradshaw
Deprivation Peter Townsend
Social Exclusion in Europe: Policy context and analytical framework Jos Berghman
Community Care and the Family: A case for equal opportunities Janet Finch and Dulcie Groves
Social Divisions
Introduction to Social Divisions Geoff Payne
Women, Economic Dependency and Citizenship Ruth Lister
The Social Creation of Poverty and Dependence in Old Age Alan Walker
Race, Welfare and Community Care: A historical perspective Fiona Williams
The Development of Rights Based Social Policy in the European Union: The example of disability rights Deborah Mabbett
Historical Rise/Explanations
Welfare, Redistribution and Solidarity Peter Baldwin
Power, Politics and State Autonomy in the Development of Social Citizenship: Social rights during sickness in eighteen OECD countries since 1930 Walter Korpi
What We Know About the Development of Social Policy: Comparative and historical research in comparative and historical perspective Edwin Amenta
The New Politics of the Welfare State Paul Pierson
Radical Welfare State Retrenchment Peter Starke
The Three Political Economies of the Welfare State Gøsta Esping-Andersen
Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism or More? A state-of-the-art report Will Arts and John Gelissen
Welfare-state Decommodification in 18 OECD Countries: A replication and revision Lyle Scruggs and James Allan
Shifting the Wheat from the Chaff: A two-dimensional discriminant analysis of welfare state regime theory Clare Bambra
Do Welfare State Regimes Determine Public Sector Reforms? Choice reforms in American, Swedish and German schools Michael Klitgaard
Social Democratic
Social Policy and Distributional Conflict in the Capitalist Democracies: A Preliminary Comparative Framework Walter Korpi
Politics Against Markets Gøsta Esping-Andersen
What Characterise the Nordic Welfare State Model Bent Greve
The Path-Dependency of an Idea: Why Scandinavian welfare states remain distinct Robert Cox
Modern Social Democracy and European Welfare State Reform Jochen Clasen
The Welfare State We're In James Bartholomew
How to Design a "Liberal" Welfare State: A comparison of Canada and the United States John Myles
Is the American Welfare State Unusually Small? Christopher Howard
Privatizing Risk without Privatizing the Welfare State: The hidden politics of social policy retrenchment in the United States Jacob Hacker
Social Capitalism: A study of Christian democracy and the welfare state Kees van Kersbergen
Vice into Virtue? Progressive Politics of Welfare Reform in Continental Europe Jonah Levy
From a Frozen Landscape to Structural Reforms: The sequential transformation of Bismarckian welfare systems Bruno Palier & Claude Martin
Frozen Landscapes' Revisited: Path creation in the European social model Stephan Lessenich
The Christian Democratic Welfare States of Northern Europe Evelyne Huber & John Stephens
Other Welfare Regimes
The Southern Model of Welfare in Social Europe Maurizio Ferrera
The Path to European Integration: A historical institutionalist analysis Paul Pierson
East Asian Welfare Regimes: Testing the hypothesis of the developmental welfare state Yih-Jiunn Lee & Yeun-wen Ku
Rethinking the Western Construction of the Welfare State Alan Walker & Chack Kie Wong
Welfare Regimes in Development Contexts: A global and regional analysis Ian Gough et al
Demographic Pressures
Demography and Social Development Bo Malmberg
A Profile of Older Europeans Alan Walker & Tony Maltby
Dimensions of the Pension Problem: Institutions, economics and politics Giuliano Boloni
Gender and Welfare State Change Jane Lewis
Family Policy in Britain, France and Germany Linda Hantrais
Economic Trends
The Political Economy of the World's Capitalisms Will Hutton
Round Up the Usual Suspects! Globalization, domestic politics and welfare state change Herman Schwartz
The Logic of Globalisation and the Changing Context of the Welfare State Ramesh Mishra
Economic Crisis and its Social Impacts: Lessons from the 1997 Asian economic crisis M Ramesh
Politics and Policy Debates
A Theory of Human Need Len Doyal and Ian Gough
Knights, Knaves and Pawns: Human behaviour in social policy Julian le Grand
Agency, Modernity and Social Policy Alan Deacon & Kirk Mann
Choice and Values: Individualised rational action and social goals Peter Taylor-Gooby
The Body in Social Policy: Mapping a Territory Julia Twigg
Service Users, Social Policy and the Future of Welfare Peter Beresford
International Agencies
Globalization, Supranationalism and Social Policy Patricia Kennett
The Making of Post-Communist Social Policy: The role of international agencies Bob Deacon and Michelle Hulse
Globalisation and Social Policy: From national hegemony to political pluralism Nicola Yeates
Human Well-Being and Social Structures: Relating the universal and the local Ian Gough
Postscript in Social Policy Richard Titmuss

Sample Materials & Chapters

Introduction: Welfare Theory

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