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Work and Family

Work and Family
Research Informing Policy

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December 1999 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The "juggling act" of work and family that has characterized life in the past couple of decades has become a significant focus of those interested in the social condition. Editors Toby L. Parcel and Daniel Cornfield draw on two major themes for this volume: First, that crucial to an understanding of the interplay between work and family is an acknowledgment of the varied ways time influences work and family processes—and outcomes. This book looks at time in both the macro historical sense as well as through examination of the more quotidian choices involved in balancing work and family. Second, Parcel and Cornfield consider the social policy implications that inhere in these essays. Contributors to Work and Family have been in every case encouraged to think explicitly about how governmental policies, as well as those of individual firms, can be derived from their research. This provocative collection is ideally suited to courses on work and occupations, family studies, organizations, and gender roles, taught in a number of disciplines, and will be of interest to scholars in these areas.

H Trapp
Work and Family in Women's Lives in the German Democratic Republic
P Burstein and S Wierzbicki
Public Opinion and Congressional Action on Work, Family and Gender
J A Jacobs and K Gerson
Do Americans Feel Overworked? Comparing Ideal and Actual Working Time
A G Cox and H B Presser
Nonstandard Employment Schedules among American Mothers
The Relevance of the Marital Stature

S Hofferth
Effects of Public and Private Policies on Working after Childbirth
J C Sandberg and D B Cornfield
Returning to Work
The Impact of Gender, Family and Work on Terminating a Family or Medical Leave

T L Parcel, R A Nickoll and M J Dufur
The Effects of Parental Work and Maternal Nonemployment on Children's Reading and Math Achievement
M K Johnson and J T Mortimer
Work-Family Orientations and Attainments in the Early Life Course
R Iverson and N Farber
Transmission of Family Values, Work and Welfare among Poor Urban Black Women