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Write Dance

Write Dance

Second Edition

168 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Write Dance is an exciting and innovative programme which uses music and movement to introduce handwriting to children. Write Dance movements are designed to help children feel happy and comfortable with their bodies, improving their motor skills and providing a strong foundation for writing.

Ranghild A. Oussoren developed the approach in Holland ten years ago and it has gone on to capture the imagination of children and teachers across Europe. In this brand new, fully revised edition, the author shows how the programme has developed through years of experience. The new edition provides practitioners with a package of songs, stories and illustrations, as well as guidance on implementing Write Dance in their setting.

The book, audio CD and DVD introduce the nine themes of the Write Dance approach at the appropriate developmental level for children aged 4-8. The programme supports the Be Healthy, Enjoy and Achieve outcome of the Every Child Matters agenda. It also links to the following aspects within the six areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation stage:

- Creative Development through imaginative play, music and dance

- Physical Development through movement using equipment and materials

- Communication, Language and Literacy through handwriting

- Personal Social and Emotional Development through increasing self-confidence and self-esteem

This exciting and innovative programme benefits all children, but has also been found very helpful for children with special education needs, from learning difficulties to dyspraxia.

The story of the Write Dance people
How Write Dance evolved
Graphology and Write Dance
Twelve important characteristics from the child's perspective
Rhythm, your own style
Foundation movements and the nine music themes Volcano to Mandala
The nine foundation themes from the child's perspective
An overview of the Write Dance Method
The forerunner of the writing sheet in Write Dance 2
A few suggestions for foundation exercises on five dots
Materials and practical applications
A big room
Materials to be used in a big room
Music drawings and write drawings on dry and wet surfaces
Paper in all kinds of shapes and sizes
The nine songs
The nine variation themes
Foundation drawing, story drawing, practice on lines
A little Write Dance test
Points to remember when making music drawings