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Your Psychology Dissertation

Your Psychology Dissertation

First Edition
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November 2020 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Your Psychology Dissertation has been specifically created to guide your students through their dissertation helping them to feel confident at every stage of their independent psychology research projects.

This book will take them through the entire process of designing, conducting and then writing up their research, providing invaluable tips and support along the way, as well as answering all those frequently asked questions. Whether they need to know more about quantitative or qualitative research methodology, need help in choosing a topic, and/or are struggling to review and understand the literature, this book covers it all. Your Psychology Dissertation is suitable for all psychology students looking for dissertation success.

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Section 1: Getting Started
Chapter 1: Welcome to your dissertation!
Chapter 2: Managing your supervisor
Chapter 3: Choosing a research topic
Chapter 4: Understanding the Literature
Chapter 5: Developing your rationale, research question(s) and hypothesis; and choosing between quantitative or qualitative research design
Section 2: Methodology
Chapter 6: Quantitative methodology
Chapter 7: Qualitative methodology
Chapter 8: Mixed methods research projects
Chapter 9: Ethical considerations
Section 3: Data analysis
Chapter 10: Quantitative data analysis
Chapter 11: Qualitative data analysis
Section 4: Writing Up
Chapter 12: Writing Style
Chapter 13: Writing the discussion chapter and preparing for submission
Section 5: Beyond the dissertation
Chapter 14: Communicating research

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