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Save time and increase classroom engagement with video!


YouSeeU is an interactive online environment that allows students to practice and demonstrate key skills learned in a course through engaging, easy-to-use video recording tools. Using a webcam or phone camera, students record and upload videos directly and easily to the YouSeeU platform located within their school’s LMS system, avoiding the hassle of multiple logins. Students have the ability to watch and re-record their videos, alleviating anxiety and building confidence. Available across multiple devices, professors can easily view and grade video assignments without sacrificing valuable classroom time. Students can engage in the learning process outside the classroom by virtually participate in group projects, live demonstrations, oral exams, and other video activities. This highly personalized and effective learning experience builds the skills and confidence students need to land a job after graduation and develop success in their careers!


Don’t just take our word for it.
to this USC professor share how YouSeeU improved his students’ classroom experience.


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 “With the growth that we want, we still want quality, interactive and engaging courses, and with the tools and features of YouSeeU, it will allow us to be able to have that because they are being challenged to still do a lot of the activities that they would do if they were in a face-to-face classroom.”

Amanda Quinton
Penn State World Campus

?“As communication professors, one of our goals is to really understand audience analysis and this is one of the best ways they can get that, when they’re getting feedback from a lot of different people, of different personality types, different professional backgrounds, and helping them get a sense for how people will react to their messages and their delivery style.”

Peter Cardon
USC Marshall School of Business

“I believe that students need to be able to see and hear one another.  They need to be able to see and hear their instructor and they need to be able to interact with the content in personally meaningful ways.   Each student brings his or her own unique personal perspective to the content and students really value this opportunity to hear what others think.”

Lynda Randall
California State University-Fullerton

“Our first experiment was with a new group of students. They were not experienced in the online environment and they all successfully used YouSeeU.”

Marsha Orr
California State University-Fullerton

“It’s very convenient to grade or give feedback on YouSeeU because you can type it while you’re watching. This allows me to give more detailed feedback and – even though I give more feedback – it speeds up the grading process. It’s a win–win situation.”

Marion Philadelphia
Marshall School of Business

“The significant technology advances and emerging possibilities within your new multimedia platform is forcing us to re-think and improve how online classes are designed and delivered!”

Dave Dorman
Penn State, World Campus

“Teaching overseas and faced with a limited time for group presentations…no problem! YouSeeU allowed my student groups in Thailand to place their presentations online integrating PowerPoint, video and audio seamlessly. The YouSeeU technical support team was super supportive and readily available, and I was able to access the presentations in the comfort of my own office back in the U.S!”

K. Douglas Hoffman
Colorado State University

“I think I have fallen in love with your program.  It was such an improvement in having oral presentations!  My presentations were MUCH better than previous methods and I felt like being able to give the feedback was great.”

Dr. Susan Evans Jennings
Stephen F. Austin State University
Key features


  • Easy access: the YouSeeU platform is accessible within your school’s LMS, avoiding the hassle of multiple logins
  • Time-saving approach: you can easily view and grade presentations across multiple devices without sacrificing valuable classroom time
  • “Anytime, Anywhere” recording means that students only need a Web and video enabled device  to practice their communication skills anywhere, anytime, creating endless opportunities for valuable practice
  • Better feedback is possible with YouSeeU, it is more robust and targeted feedback with the frame-by-frame tools that allow instructors and peers to comment right at the spot where the student needs the most help
  • Various feedback options: time-stamped comments, macro-level text based comments, rubrics, 5-star rating scale, video-based feedback, as well as integrated LMS grading provide easy ways to make recommendations for improvement
  • Highly personalized with real-world application: the YouSeeU learning experience builds real-world skills students can use to land a job after graduation and ensure success beyond the course—with instructor and peer recommendations specifically adapted to meet their unique needs
  • More feedback: the YouSeeU platform also engages those providing the peer feedback—students who might not normally interact with each other in class feel comfortable interacting while on the platform, creating an environment in which everyone participates
  • A more complete way to measure learning: YouSeeU assignments offer a video solution that effectively measures student mastery of learning objectives, allowing for a multifaceted, more comprehensive approach to assessment and feedback that takes into account different learning styles
  • Timed presentation and simulated interview activities with assessment questions: to encourage students to practice public and spontaneous communication skills, YouSeeU makes it easy to prompt your students to answer a timed question via a video recording, building confidence and preparing students for real-life situations such as job interviews
  • Synced visual aids: video presentations with the option of synced visual aids offer the opportunity to use visual aids during public speaking exercises
  • Group projects: to encourage students to collaborate and engage in conversation, YouSeeU makes it easy to schedule, host and record group meetings, assign tasks, upload documents, combine presentations, and provide feedback, allowing for a richer, more inclusive communication environment
  • Question and Answer activities: build the student’s ability to improvise by asking them to provide impromptu video responses to spontaneous questions without the assistance of notes or visual aids

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