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Youth and Crime

Youth and Crime

5th Edition

April 2021 | 592 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The most comprehensive and authoritative textbook on youth crime and youth justice.

Extensively updated to reflect changes in the youth justice system and contemporary debates around youth crime, this fifth edition of Youth and Crime:

  • Includes new chapters on developmental and life course theories, and punitive justice strategies.
  • Has been significantly expanded with new sections on the politicisation of youth crime, knife crime and gangs, child refugees, climate justice, child-on-child homicide, and localised criminal exploitation.
  • Features increased coverage of policing strategies, including sections on policing public space and rethinking youth justice.
  • Discusses the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on youth justice and young people; including issues related to increased governmental regulation and the prospect of higher levels of child poverty and youth unemployment.
  • Explores the fallout from the Black Lives Matter movement and its implications for youth justice.

Complete with a new two colour design, chapter outlines, summary boxes, study questions, further reading lists, and a useful glossary, this textbook expertly guides students through their studies in youth and crime.

Chapter 1: Images of Youth and Crime
Chapter 2: Histories of Youth and Crime
Chapter 3: Explaining Youth Crime I: Positivist Criminologies
Chapter 4: Explaining Youth Crime II: Developmental and Life Course Theories
Chapter 5: Explaining Youth Crime III: Radical and Realist Criminologies
Chapter 6: Youth Victimology
Chapter 7: Youth Cultures, Cultural Studies and Cultural Criminology
Chapter 8: Youth and Social Policy: Control, Regulation and Governance
Chapter 9: Youth Justice Strategies I: Welfare and Justice
Chapter 10: Youth Justice Strategies II: Policing, Prevention and Risk Management
Chapter 11: Youth Justice Strategies III: Custody, Punishment and Rights
Chapter 12: Comparative and International Youth Justice

Praise for the previous edition:

John Muncie is a leading international researcher in the related fields of youth criminology and youth justice studies and Youth and Crime goes a long way towards setting the agenda. The unique balance between authoritative scholarship and accessibility makes the book a vital resource for researcher, teacher and student alike. In fact, it is almost impossible to imagine engaging with the study of young people, crime and criminalisation without reading Muncie’s remarkable text.
- Professor Barry Goldson, The University of Liverpool

John Muncie's Youth and Crime not only does what one would expect a first rate textbook to do – provide comprehensive, accessible and up-to-date material for students – but offers so much more. It provides a grounded theoretical and empirical account of the enormous changes that have occurred in the ways in which we understand and respond to young people using the machinery of criminal justice. As such it has no serious rivals.
- Professor Tim Newburn, London School of Economics


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