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Youth Cultures, Language, and Literacy

Youth Cultures, Language, and Literacy

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March 2011 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Drawing upon international research, Review of Research in Education, Volume 35 examines the interplay between youth cultures and educational practices. Although the articles describe youth practices across a range of settings, a central theme is how gender, class, race, and national identity mediate both adult perceptions of youth and youths' experiences of schooling.

Stanton Wortham
Introduction: Youth Cultures and Education
Shalini Shankar
Asian American Youth Language Use: Perspectives Across Schools and Communities
Thea Renda Abu El-Haj and Sally Wesley Bonet
Education, Citizenship, and the Politics of Belonging: Youth From Muslim Transnational Communities and the “War on Terror”
Jennifer Cole
A Cultural Dialectics of Generational Change: The View from Contemporary Africa
Yasmin B. Kafai & Kylie A. Peppler
Youth, Technology, and DIY: Developing Participatory Competencies in Creative Media Production
H. Samy Alim
Global Ill-Literacies: Hip Hop Cultures, Youth Identities, and the Politics of Literacy
Maisha T. Winn & Nadia Behizadeh
The Right to Be Literate: Literacy, Education, and the School-to-Prison Pipeline
Lesley Bartlett, Dina López, Erika Mein, and Laura A. Valdiviezo
Adolescent Literacies in Latin America and the Caribbean
Betsy Rymes
Deference, Denial, and Beyond: A Repertoire Approach to Mass Media and Schooling

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