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50 Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance Approaches

50 Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance Approaches
Simple, easy and effective ways to improve performance

May 2021 | 200 pages | Learning Matters
A practical guide containing 50 different quality improvement and quality assurance approaches to help improve practice.

·       Helps staff to improve the quality of the products and services offered

·       Includes practical ideas for internal and external quality assurance activities (IQA/EQA)

·     Helps staff to prepare for external inspections and EQA visits

·       Readable, relevant and easy to understand

·       Provides valuable ideas and tips for new and experienced quality staff

·       Uses simple language to explain each approach

·       Can help promote outstanding teaching and learning

1. Agreeing action plans
2. Allocating responsibilities to team members
3. Checking for plagiarism, fraud and malpractice
4. Coaching and mentoring others
5. Communicating with a team
6. Completing awarding organisation reports
7. Completing continuing professional development activities
8. Completing quality assurance records
9. Creating a bank of assessment questions and exemplar answers
10. Creating and updating policies and procedures
11. Creating job descriptions or role/person specifications
12. Dealing with appeals, complaints and disputes
13. Designing and updating quality documents and templates
14. Designing questionnaires and surveys
15. Devising a quality assurance rationale
16. Devising a quality assurance strategy
17. Following regulations and requirements
18. Inducting new staff
19. Interpreting the content of qualifications, programmes and standards
20. Interviewing prospective staff
21. Keeping and maintaining records
22. Making decisions when sampling evidence
23. Managing a team
24. Managing risks and contingency planning
25. Managing team meetings
26. Managing unsatisfactory performance
27. Observing staff and using learning walks
28. Planning and tracking internal quality assurance activities
29. Planning and tracking quality improvement activities
30. Planning strategic aims and continuous quality improvement
31. Preparing for an external inspection
32. Preparing for an external quality assurance remote sample
33. Preparing for an external quality assurance visit
34. Producing resources
35. Providing feedback
36. Questioning others
37. Reviewing and updating assessment activities
38. Reviewing and updating internal quality assurance activities
39. Sampling learners’ work
40. Shadowing staff
41. Standardising practice
42. Undertaking evaluation activities
43. Undertaking joint work scrutiny
44. Undertaking peer observations
45. Updating staff
46. Using a SWOT analysis
47. Using role play
48. Using web conferences, online meetings and webinars
49. Using work plans
50. Writing self-assessment reports

A easy to read and comprehensive guide to quality improvement and assurance. Can be used as both an introductory or refresher guide to prompt effective reflection.

Ms Janine Marie Tall
Health & Social Care, Doncaster College And University Centre
August 4, 2023

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