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A Crash Course in Statistics is a short introduction to key statistical methods including descriptive statistics, one-way and two-way ANOVA, the t-test, and Chi Square. Each of the five chapters provides an overview of each method, and then walks readers through a relevant example, using SPSS to highlight how to run the statistics and how to write up the results in APA style. Each chapter ends with a self-quiz so that readers can assess their understanding of each statistical concept. This “crash course” supplement is a must-have statistics refresher for students taking research methods classes; a handy additional reference for introductory statistics students; and a guide for anyone who needs to be a consumer of statistics.

About the Author
Chapter 1. Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 2. Nonparametric Statistics: Chi Square
Chapter 3. The t-Test
Chapter 4.The One-Way (Simple) ANOVA
Chapter 5. The Factorial (or Two-Way) ANOVA
Answer Key


Student Study Site
SPSS® files to run the examples from the book are available for download at the open-access Student Study Site.

Some students seem to panic when faced with statistics. This is a very easy to read book that helps students digest statistics in small chunks.

Dr Helen Nicholas
Institute of Health & Society, Worcester University
January 4, 2019
Key features


  • Each “crash course” chapter includes a "How, When and Why to Use the Statistic " to give students a brief overview of the basic elements of key statistical tests.
  • An example on the social influence in textbook purchases is used throughout the text to demonstrate how to use different tests throughout multiple parts of the same experiment.
  • SPSS screenshots applied to statistics on the social influence in textbook purchases helps students learn how to analyze data.
  • SPSS Output and Write-Up features offer students the chance to interpret SPSS tables and write-up the results.
  • Quiz questions regarding the design and statistics used in research experiments are applied to a variety of studies.

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