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A Guide to Co-Teaching (Multimedia Kit)

A Guide to Co-Teaching (Multimedia Kit)
A Multimedia Kit for Professional Development

Second Edition

February 2009 | 128 pages | Corwin

Help teachers use the power of co-teaching to maximize instructional effectiveness and increase achievement for all students!

Designed around the updated edition of the best-selling book A Guide to Co-Teaching, this comprehensive multimedia presentation offers staff developers all the materials needed to help teachers collaborate effectively in the classroom. This complete resource enables workshop leaders to introduce co-teaching; discuss the planning, implementation, and reflective phases of creating and maintaining a collaborative teaching and learning environment; and answer questions about:

  • Best practices for organization and mutual cooperation
  • Self-assessments for meeting goals
  • Paraprofessionals and administrators as co-teaching partners
  • New research on co-teaching.
  • Response to Intervention (RTI) in a co-teaching environment

Highlighting the four types of co-teaching models—supportive, parallel, complementary, and team teaching—The Multimedia Kit for A Guide to Co-Teaching includes

  • The updated edition of the companion book, A Guide to Co-Teaching, providing the foundational framework for understanding and applying each co-teaching model
  • An 84-minute, content-rich VHS video that features Jacqueline S. Thousand and Richard A. Villa discussing the models of co-teaching, plus in-the-classroom footage of elementary, middle, and high school master teachers offering tips and suggestions as they demonstrate research-based co-teaching strategies in linguistically, culturally, and academically diverse settings
  • A companion DVD with navigational menus and bullets for easy stop-and-search control of the video content
  • A step-by-step facilitator's guide that connects the core content of the book to both the video and DVD and includes video/DVD segment prompts, workshop outlines, extended workshop activities, discussion questions, and major points of emphasis

This complete all-in-one package is an indispensable resource for anyone planning, designing, or conducting training on co-teaching, including staff developers, district and school administrators, and mentor principals.

About the Authors
Welcome and Workshop Starter
Chapter-by-Chapter Study Guides
Section 1. Introduction to Co-Teaching
1. What Is Co-Teaching?
2. Why Co-Teach? What History, Law, and Research Say!
3. The Day-to-Day Workings of Co-Teaching Teams
Section 2. The Four Approaches to Co-Teaching
4. The Supportive Co-Teaching Approach
5. The Parallel Co-Teaching Approach
6. The Complementary Co-Teaching Approach
7. The Team Teaching Co-Teaching Approach
Integration Activities: All Four Approaches to Co-Teaching
Section 3. Changing Roles and Responsibilities
8. The Role of Paraprofessionals in Co-Teaching
9. The Role of Students as Co-Teachers
Section 4. Professional Development and Logistical Administrative Support
10. Training and Logistical Administrative Support for Co-Teaching
11. Meshing Planning With Co-Teaching
12. From Surviving to Thriving
Epilogue: Developing a Shared Voice Through Co-Teaching
Workshop Evaluation and Closure
Overheads and Handouts
Key features
  • Shows how to work cooperatively in a co-teaching classroom
  • Demonstrates practical strategies for scheduling classes using the models of co-teaching—supportive teaching, parallel teaching, complementary teaching, and team teaching
  • Demonstrates how co-teaching is most effective in a classroom that utilizes differentiated instructional approaches
  • Provides reproducible forms, resources, and the authors' commentary about co-teaching.

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