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A Short History of Cultural Studies

A Short History of Cultural Studies

First Edition
  • John Hartley - University of Sydney, Australia, Curtin University, Australia

February 2003 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This is the first volume to capture the essence of the burgeoning field of cultural studies in a concise and accessible manner. Other books have explored the British and North American traditions, but this is the first guide to the ideas, purposes and controversies that have shaped the subject. The author sheds new light on neglected pioneers and a clear route map through the terrain. He provides lively critical narratives on a dazzling array of key figures including, Arnold, Barrell, Bennett, Carey, Fiske, Foucault, Grossberg, Hall, Hawkes, hooks, Hoggart, Leadbeater, Lissistzky, Malevich, Marx, McLuhan, McRobbie, D Miller, T Miller, Morris, Quiller-Couch, Ross, Shaw, Urry, Williams, Wilson, Wolfe and Woolf. Hartley also examines a host of central themes in the subject including literary and political writing, publishing, civic humanism, political economy and Marxism, sociology, feminism, anthropology and the pedagogy of cultural studies.

Introduction - A Philosophy of Plenty
A New Endeavour?

The Intelligent Co-Ed's Guide to Cultural Studies
From Virginia Woolf to Tom Wolfe (destination O'Hare)

Culture from Arnold to Schwarzenegger
Imperial Literacy to Pop Culture (destination democracy?)

`Beating the Whites with the Red Wedge'
From Public Service to Dinner Service (Destination Kate Moss)

Waiting for the Kettle to Boil
Culture and Consciousness (Destination Celebration)

The Ordinary as a Sign of Itself
Culture and Everyday Life (Travel, Shopping, Walking, Eating)

Reading the Readers
From Marx to Market (Desperately Seeking Adoption)


'Hartley's book is refreshing, breathtaking, and quite a lot of fun. Given its relatively small size, the book can't do everything, but it does introduce the reader to this rich area of contemporary academic life' - Communication Research Trends

'Cultural studies will never be the same again. Whether you're new to the field or a tired old jade, John Hartley's latest will have you sitting bolt upright in your seat. Each chapter is brimming with insight and innovation. A landmark book.' Toby Miller Professor of Cultural Studies and Cultural Policy, New York University

'An entertaining and innovative approach to the history of cultural studies' - TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies

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