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Action Research for Business, Nonprofit, and Public Administration

Action Research for Business, Nonprofit, and Public Administration
A Tool for Complex Times

October 2011 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book covers the background, process, and tools needed to introduce and guide students through to a successful action research (AR) project. Included are how to initiate, plan, and complete AR within all types of organizations in business, nonprofit, and public administration. Graphic organizers and a modular sequence of topics help students manage the steps involved in AR practice. A protocol for weekly report writing, informed consent documentation, and clear guidelines for final analyses and report writing give graduate students the efficient format they need. This book teaches theory by interweaving discussion of the major content areas and stories of student success with the concepts that impact practice.

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Chapter 1: Introducing the Three Steps of Action Research: A Tool for Complex Times and Situations
Chapter 2: The Proposal and Ethics
Chapter 3: What to Do and How to Do It...
Chapter 4: Methods and Measurement
Chapter 5: Working With People and Groups
Chapter 6: Networks and How to Employ Them for Change
Chapter 7: Analyzing and Reporting Results
Chapter 8: Final Touches and Emancipatory Potential
Appendix A: Action Research Proposal Outline
Appendix B: Example of Student Answers to Proposal Questions
Appendix C: Student Proposal
Appendix D: Action Research Weekly Report
Appendix E: Table for Measurable Actions
Appendix F: Year-Long Guide for Networked Action Research
Appendix G: Model Informed Consent

This book bridges the gap between theory and applied action research offering concrete tools that should be invaluable for anyone who wants to practice action research.

Joanne C. Preston
Colorado Technical University

Adopted Intro to Nonprofit Mangement

Dr Michele Kegley
Business & Economics, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash
January 15, 2014

for business, not sociology

Dr Joseph Kotarba
sociology, Texas State University - San Marcos
September 26, 2013

approachable for undergraduate students; excellent process support materials

Dr Elisebeth VanderWeil
School of Leadership and Professional Development, Mountain State University
February 7, 2012
Key features

Key features

  • Stories and pictures illustrate the concepts which underpin action research.
  • Eight chapters address each step in the process from framing the proposal to analyzing the results and writing up the report with lessons illustrated by success stories of other students and the projects they completed during a class length of time.
  • Discussion of theoretical material is woven within the major content areas illustrating the concepts that impact practice.
  • Reflective questions at the end of each section help students develop an ongoing reflective/reflexive practice.
  • Suggestions for next steps and additional readings at the end of each chapter encourage students to dig deeper into the rich literature that surrounds this methodology.
  • Features pictures, stories, pull-outs, and illustrations make the material approachable, capture interest, and foster understanding


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