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Adolescent Sexuality

Adolescent Sexuality

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August 1992 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Through a careful evaluation of the literature and various social programs, contributors discuss the underlying social and behavioral implications of adolescent sexuality, and conclude with suggestions for ways to promote sexual responsibility. "This book will be a valuable resource for specialists, both researchers and practitioners, and can be used effectively as supplementary reading in courses in adolescence or in sexuality. For specialists, it can provide summary reviews of important topics relevant to adolescent sexuality and sources of references for further study. For students, it can provide introductions to those topics and stimulate discussion in which instructors can amplify the materials." --Journal of Marriage and the Family

Thomas P Gullotta
A Chris Downs and Lisa Scarborough Hillje
Historical and Theoretical Perspectives on Adolescent Sexuality
An Overview

Patricia Hyjer Dyk
Anatomy, Physiology, and Gender Issues
Brent C Miller, Cynthia R Christopherson and Pamela K King
Sexual Behavior in Adolescence
Ritch C Savin-Williams and Richard G Rodriguez
A Developmental, Clinical Perspective on Lesbian, Gay Male and Bisexual Youths
Stephen R Jorgensen
Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting
Annette U Rickel and Marie C Hendren
Aberrant Sexual Experiences in Adolescence
Carl G Leukefeld and Harry W Haverkos
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Gary M Blau and Thomas P Gullotta
Promoting Sexual Responsibility in Adolescence

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