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Advanced Design in Nursing Research

Advanced Design in Nursing Research

December 1997 | 424 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Is there a framework to help the nursing researcher make sense of the wide variety of research methods now available? Is there a context in which the research designer can consider which method is most appropriate to her or his specific study, given the research topic and the extent of research that has gone before? The answer to both of these questions is an emphatic yes!--as seen in this second edition of Pamela J. Brink and Marilynn J. WoodÆs seminal work, Advanced Design in Nursing Research. Using the principle that "the level of knowledge available on a research topic determines the level of design that can be used to study that topic," the authors clearly and succinctly present discussions of research at the three levels of design, moving from rigidly controlled, theoretically-based experimental designs to comparative and correlational survey designs, and concluding with the exploratory-descriptive research designs that frequently initiate the study of a topic. Within the basic categories, authoritative researchers explore a broad range of specific design types, noting their characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, applicability to nursing research, ethical considerations, reliability and validity, and methods of data analysis. Advanced Design in Nursing Research, Second Edition provides not only a context for design decision making, but an orientation and point of departure for the research design process itself. These features make this volume an excellent text for advanced-level nursing students and a superb library addition for the researcher or clinician desiring a comprehensive self reference on research design.

Pamela J Brink and Marilynn J Wood
Kathleen C Buckwalter and Meridean L Maas
Classical Experimental Designs
Meridean L Maas and Kathleen C Buckwalter
Quasi-Experimental Designs
Janice Lander
Within-Subjects Designs
Marilynn J Wood
Evaluative Designs
Marilynn J Wood and Pamela J Brink
Comparative Designs
Marilynn J Wood and Pamela J Brink
Correlational Designs
Pamela A Ratner, Joan L Bottorff and Joy L Johnson
Structural Equation Modeling
Janet C Meininger
Epidemiologic Designs
Merle H Mishel
Methodological Studies: Instrument Development
Pamela J Brink and Marilynn J Wood
Descriptive Designs
Pamela J Brink
Exploratory Designs
Patricia Munhall
Qualitative Research
Laurie K Glass
Historical Research
Nancy R Lackey and Anita L Wingate
The Pilot Study: One Key to Research Success

Provides detail on designs common to nursing research with an integrated rather than additive approach to the material.

Dr Valerie Lunsford
Nursing , Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes Jewish College
April 23, 2010

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